It’s Black On THIS Fit Buzz Friday

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Hi FitBuzzers

We all know Black Friday is coming next week Friday. But I want to start the party 

early. Today, I’m going combine the 5 most popular Fit Buzz programs.


  • No Nonsense Butt Building
  • Meal Plans and Workouts for Abs
  • Fit Buzz Pull ups Program
  • Budget Foods for Abs
  • Guide to Necessary Supplementation


And give you access to all of them for just $49.99 (Together they cost over $140). 

That’s over 65% off!

That means you’ll have the entire core Fit Buzz arsenal that will get you to that strong, 

lean and sexy ‘99% physique’ that is often spoken about (Who am I kidding… Spoken 

about DAILY!) in Fit Buzz world.


The discount rate will drop by 3% everyday until November 23rd.


>> It’s Black on this Fit Buzz Friday


Soooo… that’s….

– 65% off (The discount rate drops by 3% everyday until November 23rd.)
– Free upgrades on ALL of the programs (Many of which will be introduced between 

now and January)

Let the season of fun BEGIN! Heck, it’s only just begun. My crazy brain is in beast

mode, so expect some more goodness to come your way FitBuzzers. You rocked

before, but I WILL ensure that you rock some more before the year ends.

Oh, and I jumped on video for you again today <==== I have a voice…


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