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Buzzers… Wednesday…

The other day… I talked about managing your emotions. Aka… Controlling your hissy fits. As your mind usually goes through several changes throughout the day (Ladies… You know what I’m taking about).

There’s not one day that goes by, where I’m not talking closely with a woman (Online or face to face).

It’s been that way for years. Which is why I’m pretty qualified to be the person that leads the changes that happen within the S-curve formula.

But for the most part. It’s about keeping things really simple.


Most of the 121 chats aren’t about the workouts. It’s about fixing your lifestyle and nutrition coaching.

Everyone messes up, in regards to nutrition. As there are many different ways to approach it.

Most people end up following something that doesn’t match their goals or lifestyle. So they end up quitting, failing to fix… And thinking that nothing works. And that the bodies you see in S-curve world are fake.

There are indeed quite a few formulas to follow within the S-curve formula too. And doing so… Is guaranteed to make you win. Regardless of what you look like when you start.

But one thing you can do today is this…

– If a food negatively affects your guts or your mind… Don’t eat it.

– If a food doesn’t negatively affect you in anyway, and you like the taste of it. Buy more (Especially if it’s A-C rated).

Print screen that statement above… And put it in a new folder in your gallery on your phone. And label the album ‘Don’t read this’. Because then, you’ll subconsciously want to read it, every time you see it.

That’s just one of many habit building tactics that we use within the S-curve formula. It’s those little punches of super simple solid info, that keeps you on track everyday. That’s what going long term on a Lifestyle Phase is all about.

That’s the ‘hard to do stuff’ (Created by us). That keeps you on the wagon.

Before you know it… 3-5 months have past. And boom. You have all these people around you, telling you how much you’ve changed. Physically and mentally.

I’ve seen this happen with online only and offline S-curve members. It’s all the same sh*t.

But like I’ve said in the past few days…


It usually always starts on a Results Phase. Which I’ve given a > temporary update to, for the spring season. Remember… The only way to truly make big changes. Is to do completely opposite things, than what you’re doing right now.

I’m on that path too, behind the scenes. Which is why I’ve been doing less TC2.0 trips in recent months (Many of you are embracing them in a big way though… So keep it up).

I’m over in the chats. So go there. ‘Talking’ is what happens first. Long before any 121 coaching shenanigans commence.

Oh… And don’t forget to check the daily food posts on the Facebook page/My profile.

That’s a habit building shenanigan that will subconsciously teach you about the S-curve meal structure.


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