It took her 36 hours to come… (Pics of the aftermath…)

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Buzzers… Weekend day #1…
You know… For years… There have been ‘guys’ in S-curve world who have followed on here. And then wanted their wives/girlfriends to officially start.

– A changed body
– A changed lifestyle

There have also been successful members, who then wanted to get their husbands/partners involved.

And… There have been successful members like > Yani… Who’s partner didn’t even appreciate their change (A bit like if you change your hair and your partner doesn’t notice – Fortunately… I myself am very observant). Although her situation might be different now.

Either way… There are a lot of real life scenarios that occur behind the scenes.

So there have always been a large section of members, whose partners were involved in some way.

And… Because of what happened with members > like these. All of whose family and friends became heavily involved, because of all the results that was flying around.

Which is why we now officially state, that what on happens here, is an experience that happens

with other people in your life.

Especially now that all things ‘internet’ has started to become more ‘real life’. Which is something that I was saying would happen, way back in 2005.

That’s when I was living in ‘e-commerce’ world. At that time. People were scared of Paypal, the way they are scared now of FB chat bots, or even Bitcoin.

Chat bots is ‘our thing’ of course. Just click any of the @fitbuzz websites over on > More buzz to see it. But the lesson there. Which relates to S-curve world. Is to embrace changes, that’ll eventually shape the future.

– Becoming S-curvish via the way the program is currently set up

– Travel-curvish 2.0

– The coffee shop shenanigans

This stuff is all around me daily. In most countries that I’m in too. Which is why it’s a part of the experience.

I’ve noticed this a lot in the past few years too. As social media has continuously dominated.

Many ‘offline world’ friends (Or fam, were forced to go online more. As not being there, was holding them back in certain areas of their lives).

Final note = More people are now involved @ S-curve experience shenanigans.
It took her 36 hours to come…

That’s a play on words. I’ll let you figure that out. Ha. But let me explain what I’m really getting at there…

All of what we do, IS a great experience (I’m personally doing of it daily with different folks).

But in terms of physical results. It can take just 36 hours to cause a noticeable change. Or even a few days.

But ‘those’ results aren’t important results. It’s just the noticeable stuff. The important results, are the 3+ months results.

And it’s more than just the butt (I would say ‘body’… But the butt is the key word that gets everyone excited). As there are a lot of magical mental and lifestyle tweaks that happen along the way.


– Cheat snacking
– Changing a workout based on how you feel on the day (The foundation of the tweak weeks routines)
– Habit building shenanigans

That’s the stuff that happens over the long term. That not only gives you solid results that you keep. But more importantly… Is the change that you feel inside.

That s*** is real. And you will NOT go back to your old ways once that long term change happens.

> Alicia is one lady this year.

But here’s > another lady from this year who felt that, in a big way. Who joined in on that Travel-curvish 2.0 trip back in April.

I’ll end it there… Too much talk for a Saturday already. So just reply to talk and add below.


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