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Buzzers… Monday… Always start the week @ > epic

You might be starting back at work. Or you might be continuing a long weekend (> Not necessarily TC2.0).

But today… I want to remind you that the S-curve experience ‘starts’ @ Becoming S-curvish.

It’s all fun and games after that initial bout of hard work… Just follow on FB, Insta, Tumblr, YouTube or Pinterest to see what I’m talking about (Seriously though…). You’ll see them all linked on > Morebuzz.

What the fudge is ‘Becoming S-curvish though?

Well… Let’s talk about that @ reminders.

#1 Putting the right foods into your body, at the right times of the day, so that you can feed your butt and have a teeny tiny waist to match (You’ll still eat ALL food types that you currently eat).

#2 Doing the right workouts for your current body type (At any given time), to trigger the desired result (Keyword = Trigger).

Which is changed every 4-6 weeks.

#3 Daily ‘life’ routine fix.
That’s all becoming S-curvish is.

You’re encouraged to go long term, because the 60% S-curvish results and beyond, takes 3 months + to achieve. Depending on how much body fat you start with.

If you’re a beginner. Expect to experience ‘noticeable results’.

But regardless of who you are… Don’t expect to see drastic changes, until around month #6. It’s usually all flying sky high after that.

The S-curve formula is simple. Since all the work (That actually ‘works’) has been done by us in previous years.

What makes it hard…
– Is your brain fart moments
– Emotions
– The people around you
– Daily life shenanigans

The easiest thing that you can do… Is to become a member.

– You’ll save a sh*t load of time

– You’ll be a lot less stressed

– You can focus on enjoying the fun things in your life

A lot of people who become members, have this big preparation sequence in their mind, before starting.

Don’t do that.

Simply continue living your life the way you are.


Because nothing will actually change. You’ll continue to do the same sh*t that you’ve always done. Just…  We change the order of how you do things.

Like I said the other week. I’ve seen how this plays out, way too many times already.

But YOU haven’t seen that (As a non-member). You may have watched how it plays out for others here….

– Hall of fame
– S-curve member stories
– S-curve member results recorded LIVE

But you haven’t seen the BTS stuff. So it’s our job here, to make sure YOU experience that.

I was going to give some blueprint tips today. But in terms of this newsletter topic. The best blueprint tip, is to jump into a 121 chat. Messenger is where you NEED to go.

Either on the FB page or my own profile. Because no one becomes a member today, without jumping into a 121 chat, first.

If you’re still enjoying a TC2.0 trip. Then start eyeing up our Instagram @fitbuzz. So that you can get ready for your next trip :).


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 More buzz is where everything exists.
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