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Buzzers… Saturday…

Things are shifting in my world. As we head into the new year. So just like you… I’m in ‘planning’ mode. And of course… You are a part of these plans.

So I’ll be taking it easy this weekend. Studying, analysing and the like…

Today’s headline

You all know the > story of how we got to where we are today.

And up until this year… The focus had always been on creating a super duper formula for getting results. Mental and physical.

The scientific work started early on, around 2012. When the S-curve formula nutrition calculator was created. I won’t even share it here, just incase you decide to use it.

It’s still very good. Because it sticks to the fundamental formulas, that are the backbone behind getting results through science.

I won’t share it today. Because it’s complicated, not fun to use. And you simply don’t have time for that.

That… Is not a part of our S-curve experience. You just ‘do’ what’s given to now. The hard stuff happens behind the scenes.


People will throw words around, saying things like…

”Things don’t happen over night”.

But… They do happen over night. In regards to noticeable results.

We’ve all seen it happen LIVE on here. Many times over. With in-person and online members. It’s all the same now. The world is officially hyper connected.

It’s usually a case of fixing what you’ve been breaking over time. Which has lead to mediocre looking muscles. Or unwanted excess fat. Usually on your lower gut. From ‘not’ eating > like this consistently.

What ‘can’ take time however… Is getting yourself to 30-70% S-curvish (3-8 months). And then even more precise and possibly longer… To 90-100% S-curvish.

You’ll get there just fine, if you follow the formula exact.

Most people can be serious with it for about 12 months. Since we’ve created things that help you stay on for that long.

But if you sound anything like yesterday’s newsletter. Then… We’re going to have to be a little more flexible… Working around…

– Your lifestyle struggles
– Your mental struggles
– Any illnesses or injuries you have

Which is why it’s OK to be at 60% S-curvish as a physical goal.

Especially if you’re starting at this time of year. Like legendary S-curve member > Monica’s return to form yesterday.

Because April/May will come. And you’ll want to start embracing travel-curvish shenanigans. And 60% S-curvish looks just fine.


A few others from the older parts of the > hall of fame have been returning this fall.

And they even say that they looked their best when they were active on their 1-2 year run as active S-curve members. This was 2013-2015. Right around that ‘then’ Instagram rush @fitbuzz.

That fall off that they experienced. Is why we created the…

Results and Lifestyle phases – Which allows you to go easy or go hard at it, at any given time.

– Stage 4 – For when you are ‘near’ fixed in all areas. And decide to fall back, with a 6 month action plan in place. With the occasional ‘check in’ via 121 chats (Not so much coaching).

And where we can switch off a little and just talk, as friends do :D. Because naturally… You become friends, or even family, when communicating over a number of years.

Just remember… That as a new member, you can start on stage 1-3.

– Trust levels high? Stage 3
– Trust levels low? Stage 1

> Stage 2 is a common option for most newsletter readers. And is recommended if we’re communicating for the first time.

To conclude before we RECAPO tomorrow…

Almost every newsletter was linked to each previous one this week. So a recap is needed.

Just remember… We can track anything that we do or say here. Based on proven science or real world results.

And for no one here to be walking around, saying things for the sake of it, or because of what they hear other people say.

Like… ”It doesn’t happen over night”.

Message first. Reply second. And > More buzz for everything else.


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