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Buzzers… Sunday…

And for me… It’s been about doing my usual fave things.

– Movies
– TV shows
– Music releases
– Catching up on sleep
– Doing a > recap of the week. And recoup… To prepare for the next week.

But let’s get into today’s headline….

No one trust(s) just anyone ‘new’ or ‘strangers’ any more

At least not as easily as they used to. Especially if you’re not well known. Or even mildly known ‘to them’.

People just aren’t having it @ any kinda of BS. Just look through any comment section, on almost any social platform or website.

We’ve always lived our truth, ‘everywhere’. So we’re OK in this new heightened sensitivity world.

But still… I’ve started to get even more personal with everyone that enters S-curve world. Which is why the focus has been so strong, in regards to FB stories and Messenger.

Like… If you become a member (For example).

That’s something YOU decide upon yourself. We just helped you get to that point via everything you see and consume in S-curve world.

I never have and never will force you into that decision during our 121 chats.

So… If you aren’t already doing so. Be open to tell folks that you come across. To cut the fudging ish out… If there’s stuff that needs cutting out @ #BS #Fake behaviour.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– A > fresh YouTube account

– > Moorea for ‘Travel-curvish’ @ 2-3 week trips

– > GHD… Because of all the #hairgoals shehanigans going on via the feeds

– > Drink up… But we didn’t say alcohol

Blueprint tips

FB stories > Followed up by FB Messenger chats.

I do have one obvious reminder blueprint tip though…

If you’re going to get into something new, with the intention of succeeding. Seek outside help or assistance to help you along.It’ll make the process so much easier.

Just make sure that you ‘trust’ where that help is coming from, before hand.


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#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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