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Buzzers… TGIF…

That was an animated movie that I watched yesterday. A funky/quirky film. It’s still posted on my FB stories at present (Amongst other things). Go and take a look at it > here.


Yesterday was all about S-curve blueprint tips. But it was mostly nutrition focused. And rightfully so. Because that’s where we’ll spend almost all of our time. When it comes to daily 121 coaching shenanigans.


The workouts still trigger the results.

And in terms of workouts… It really is about the specific things that you do, that make the biggest changes happen.

And that’s what I’m going to share with you today.

Let’s get into it…

#1 Calves

– 3 step calf raises… Where you pause twice, on the way to the top of each rep. Hold it at the top for a moment. And then super rep (Count down 5 seconds) on the way back down.

– Doing sets where your feet are pointed inwards, straight and outwards.

#2 Triceps

– Tricep push ups

– Laying barbell tricep extensions

#3 Butt

– Super rep clam (Half-hearted reps are NOT allowed).

– Kneeling (On a bench) side to side ‘high’ leg lifts, with ankle weights on. On a bench… Because you have increased range of motion as your feet drop to the sides during the reps. Which helps to boost results.

#4 All of your back (Kill the back fat)– Side to side one arm Kettlebell/dumbbell swings.

– Standing knee to elbows (Progress to adding ankle weights).

#5 Abs

That final exercise on #4. Which is especially effective, as an ‘anywhere’ exercise. Seriously though.

To conclude

All of the above AND yesterday’s list… Is useless to you, unless you use some kind of formula.

We’re talking 3-6-12 months. Even 1-5 years. Just something… That makes you continuously succeed during that time period.

We have of course, created the S-curve formula. Which is years of experience + proven results. Stirred up into a magical pot. So that when you sip on the potion… You come out the other end ‘awesome’.

Today… That starts in the FB Messenger chats. And what motivates you to go there, after reading this newsletter. Is my own FB stories.

So watch ’em.

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