Is This The Mother Of All Fat Loss Workout Routines

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With the holiday season creeping up on us and with the seasons changing, it will automatically cause a shift in our daily habits. You know,

•    Hibernating during the winter months and avoiding harsh weather conditions
•    Traveling abroad more
•    Making more time to see family and friends
•    Less time because of university or college

Now, we all know that maintenance and consistency is the name of the game when it comes building the body of your dreams, and you shouldn’t have to miss out because you decide to make time to do the things that you love, such as those points mentioned above.

Sure, the fitness lifestyle is about doing what you love to do. Snacking on cheat meals and all other kinds of fun stuff. The key solution to monitoring that is by creating habits in your diet AND in your workout schedule.

That is… (In terms of the workout)

Short burst workouts that can be done with little room required and no necessary gym equipment.

This is also the season where many of you may be used to putting on that extra 5-10 pounds of body fat. And that is why I included two detailed bodyweight workout routines (Beginner/Advanced) in the latest update of the Unique Bodyweight Exercise ebook, so that does not happen to you this year.

Version 3.0 has launched today and I’ve included a good line up of related bonuses for the launch too.

Learn more here >>> Unique Bodyweight Exercises ebook version 3.0

But they will only be available for the next 72 hours.

In fact the price of the Unique Bodyweight Exercises ebook will be going up after this time (Sunday 3rd October) so you’ll want to take advantage of this low price now.

Learn more here >>> Unique Bodyweight Exercises ebook version 3.0

To all our bodybuilding successes.



Remember, even if you are a fan of free weight exercises (As I am), you still won’t want to be leaving bodyweight exercises out from your routines.


1) Helps build real strength
2) Strength that will improve your performance with free weight exercises

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