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Buzzers… Thursday…

As I’ve said in recent previous newsletters… Be sure to watch my Facebook stories, for all things non-S-curvish.

It’s all me (Like… ‘Personal’ me) there.

Today’s headline

We’ve turned into an ‘experience’ now. So today… There’s less of a focus on ‘just’ becoming S-curvish. And ‘just’ getting you in as a member.

And that… Has lead to a better relationship with a lot of you. Since it doesn’t always feel like we’re just trying to get you in as a member (Even if we all know that you need to be one).

Becoming a ‘successful’ member today… Costs more, in terms of money. Since the value has gone up over time (We can near predict what your future results will be… With the timeframes too).

But money isn’t the issue. And for most of you… You’ve never cared @ how much you pay.

You either…

– Enjoy being a part of the S-curve experience.
– Want a super service that you can trust.

But this year… The ‘not just wanting you in as member’ factor, has heightened. Because the focus is now on > Pay as you go.

Which means… That we kinda earn less from getting you in as members. But… We’ve moved ahead with a pay as you go focus (You can still do the main plans) because…

It’s offers a better value proposition, whilst living the S-curve experience.

And this year… We’ve had a lot of returning members because of that.


– Past S-curve members.
– Long time FitBuzzers who became members for the first time.

And all of them are happy with the set up. The pressure feels off.

So now…

> They’ll become members
> Be a little more relaxed in the chats
> Start getting results
> Starts looking into supplements > like this (We’ve only ever listed a few @ mandatory list)
> Eyes up the LIVE feed (Experience shenanigans)
> Get’s TC2.0 inspired
> Stays on as a member

In the chats…

That’s where the magic is now. Especially since they are directly connected to FB stories. So ya… The way that you become a member and the way that we 121 coach… Is changing.

Some of you join me on my FB profile.

While the rest of you do the FB page.
Some of you do both.Either way… ‘Value given’… Is the heart of everything we do!

The argument against pay as you go?

Don’t go on that, if you’re after serious results. Because you’ll probably fail.

Instead… We’ll set up auto payments for 3 months (Or more). Because that’s enough time to ensure that you’ll be set on the right path…

Trending in S-curve world today

– The > floaties
– > This is a TC2.0 type
– The > Nike Pro shorts have made a return

Blueprint tips

Message on Messenger… And I’ll give you some blueprint tips that relate to YOU.


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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