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So… Here in S-curve world. Our journey helping people. Started by helping people change/improve their physical appearance. Which of course… Became know as the S-curve.
And it became a big deal at the time (Circa 2011), when…
1. The concept came to light
2. And even more so when the results started to come in…
Victorias 7-14 day S-curvish results
Victorias 7-14 day S-curvish results
After some time however… We learned that the goal of improving physical results. Was to mostly help those individuals feel mentally better.
– To look in the mirror and not throw a hissy fit… Which of course, creates an aura of negativity during that entire time period (Usually on the day/week)
– To have one thing in their life to be happy about.
As you can see… What these people are really after. Is a ‘mental’ fix. Especially adults aged 25-45.
Fast forward to 2019. And the number one area that we focus on. Is improving ones mental state.
The people who decide to become ‘S-curve members’. Usually have areas in their lives that are broken.
We’ve been helping people for an entire decade now. So we’ve seen A LOT of scenarios.
– A wife feeling depressed because her husband is away serving for his country.
– A wife who feels neglected by her husband.
– Surviving the mental scars of a divorce.
And so… Most of our time spent. Is during 121 coaching chats, with these individuals. And not on workouts and nutrition.
Everyone wants and needs a mental fix.
So in essence. We began playing the game of ‘therapy’.
However… The therapy that WE provide. Is proven strategies that we have learned and implemented, due to our experiences achieving results.
And we will continue to do that.
However. We ourselves. Are not ‘therapists’. We are fitness professionals who provide support.
It’s been long over due. But today. It’s time to re-direct all of you, to an actual therapist. Who will go beyond the help that we can give.
Which is a counselling platform that helps you find a licensed therapist.
One reason why they have made it to this post. Is because they operate in the same way that we do.
In that… You can have 121 access to a therapist, anytime, anywhere, through a computer, tablet or smartphone.
Which of course… Adding ‘this’ therapist to your arsenal, means that you’ll continue to live the S-curve Xperience lifestyle that you have been living. Which is explained in > this postthis post.
The first thing you’ll need to do. Is type in your city or zip code in the search bar that you see on this page: 
And just like us, here in S-curve world. BetterHelp have spent time, mastering the art of matching you with a therapist that will suit YOU (Of course… We have spent time mastering the art of tailoring programs ‘that work’ at lighting speed).
So you won’t be spend much time searching around.
Time… Which we know you currently lack. So once again. That’s another check box ticked, in regards to how we operate here in S-curve world.

To conclude

We have a direct contact with the folks who are connected with BetterHelp. So as usual. Feel free to message us via the blue button on this page.
Before doing so however. Do scan through this FAQ page:   Link to this page
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