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Buzzers… Hump day for you…?

It’ll be another ‘work from a room with a view’ today. In one of my usual spots that you may have already seen. I’ll probably post the pic again on the ‘shenanigans’ album via the profile link at the end of every newsletter.

That spot also serves as a ‘come up for air’ moment of the day, whenever I do that too.

And of course… You must find YOUR spot too.

Being high up in the air seems to do the trick though @ the pun intended is real.

Today’s headline


I recently reminded you what the S-curve experience is all about for us ‘today’. And how we’ve evolved into that.

Now let’s remind everyone who you all are… ‘today’…

A) Mostly aged between 25-50 years old.

That is broad age range… But this breaks it down a little…

– 18-25 Almost all physical goals
– 25-35 Physical, mental, lifestyle goals
– 35-45 Less physical, more mental, more health goals
– 45-60 All health and mental goals

Yup… So we do have some who are younger. Especially those who were aged 19-20, 5 years ago and are still here! (You change a lot during that age range. And they sure have)

B) Career is well on the way or already established.

– Folks are busy @ life!

C) 100% women… Although hubbies/partners are involved too (Kinda hard for them not to be)

Almost everyone here has some history in some ‘fitness activity’. Usually a disappointing one.

– Where results were rubbish (All around).
– The ‘fit pros’ they worked with let them down and were BS (One reason why some take a while to

officially start here for the long term… Unless they’ve been a ‘following FitBuzzer’ for years).

And it’s a collective set of experiences that heave lead to the creation of the now S-curve experience.

– Which justifies the word ‘premium’.
– Which is why there’s ‘100% guarantees’ floating around in S-curve world newsletters. And you can  see the outcome clearly.

Now… With some of those past experiences (Going back 5-10 years ago). You would have indeed dealt with a typical/generic gym trainer.

That’s a ‘base level’ experience for sure (And one that wouldn’t cost much… Almost free). But the vibe that you may have got from some of those folks… Is a ‘fitness is all there is to life’ approach.

That’s NOT so cool. Not for the today YOU.

Like I said… What happens here is an S-curve experience with a ton of ‘hands on’ collective


Which means…

– Sometimes we’re ‘chill’ (Casual chit chat in our 121 chats)
– Sometimes we get serious (Results phase)
– Sometimes telling you off (To snap you out of hissy fit moments)
– Sometimes goal related (Like when you’re inspired to go on Travel-curvish trips from looking at the

Insta/FB pics)

That… Is what the S-curve experience looks like over time.

That’s the ‘moods of booty’ that I’m talking about in the headline. So that’s what you can expect when you start.

Getting older

It has to be said. There are a select group of folks living today. Who represent what a current day 40-50 year old person can look like.

We have many members who represent that too (See hall of fame via > More buzz).

And one of the best things about that… Is that your younger peers, siblings and children… Will look up to YOU as a role model… Of what they can look like at your age (At any age past 25).

And best/best of all… Is that you can experience this S-curve experience lifestyle with them.

It’s a new season… Reply and tell me if your mood has changed because of it…

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