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Buzzers… TBT…
Another day on this universe. If you’re reading this, you’re alive and kicking. Which means we’ll be
forever pushing you to live an awesome S-curvish lifestyle @ ultimate goal.

It’s all about introducing…

The official S-curve member stories

It’s about the right time to do so too.


Well… The S-curve program kicked off around 2012.

Shortly after that… We realised that many members stayed and returned over time. It’s around a 1-5 year

time line to-date (Not been 10 years yet, so we’ll talk on that in 5 years time).

And the most recent member is > Mrs.Frolly (Steph). The first ever S-curve member story is with Stephy,

who you can see at the bottom of > this page (They both have the same name).

So… It makes sense to show the timeline that today’s program is designed for. Which is of course

1-5 years, in terms of becoming 90-100% S-curvish (Although most people will win at around years

The reason why these new story progress pics are important. Is because they highlight the ups and downs

along the way.

But even more important today… Is that it’ll show how all of the newly added features are helping to prevent

those ups and downs from occurring.

You know… Like completely falling off, which leads to endless stopping and starting. Which is the biggest

problem in the world of all things ‘fitness’.

So… The stories are happening.

Also… These stories need to be there, so that you can see what certain S-curve members are up to

behind the scenes.

> Like these ladies.

Their new daily shenanigans aren’t always posted. So sometimes, it seems like they’ve disappeared.

But they are indeed alive and kicking.

The main reason for the ‘disappearing’… Is because they doing the long term program in the way

that it’s been taught to be done.

That is…

#1 Results phase gold plan for 1-3 months.
#2 Lifestyle phase bronze plan at all other times, until you feel you need to jump back on gold for a short

period again.

That’s ‘lifestyle’. That’s how you stick to all of this for 1-5 years or more. In fact… That’s how it usually plays

out for most people.

The difference today… Is that you won’t end up losing everything you achieve, when you have those

less active lifestyle moments.

– Physical results are kept, because of S-curve meal structure habit building.

– Strength levels stay, because of everything that you go through during strength and exercise progression


On average… You’ll always look at least 70% S-curvish.

That level of lean body mass does not fade over night. Especially because of the S-curve meal structure

habit building.
Now… That is all S-curve program stuff. I already know that the newsletter gives you a daily fix.
Just remember that the newsletter becomes useful x 2 (Or more) once you become an official
Because it’s at that point, when you have all the pieces of the puzzle.

This is the most exciting addition, in terms of S-curve results shenanigans. So expect to see continuous additions to current stories along with newly added ones.

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