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Buzzers… Friday 13th…

S-curve members… TV shows… And regular nights out. That’s the life for me at this current moment in
time. And it will of course change. As it will for you. Which brings me back to what we do on here.
Everything you see on Morebuzz… Is the lifestyle here. Aka S-curve experience.

#1 Super duper process @ achieving results.

#2 Enjoy your life, whilst getting it… And once achieved.

#3 Travel-curvish shenanigans

More women do #3 than men do (Not me… I love #3… Just look at my FB pics).

And if men do go… It’s usually women who encourage the trip(s).

I already know that many of you are playing ‘catch up mode’ with some of the newsletters right now. Since a busy fall season kicked in. So we won’t do any actionable blueprint tips on this Friday @ > this is the Friday vibe.

But we will highlight some random things @ S-curve world shenanigans.
Lets go…

Stage 4

This part of the S-curve formula was mostly built for past members. Usually for advanced members, who are still winning. Since the main program (Stage 3) is designed to help you keep your results.

And to get a current day refresh. Since things usually evolve in a big away, every 12 months on here.

So if that sounds like you… Then go there. And then chat 121.

Go a lot of torso fat to shred?

Truth be told… You’ve got a long hard road ahead. Which is hard to do on your own, as a busy adult. As it requires daily attention in order to succeed. Which is why people fail at doing so. Which is why you start as an official member @ #neveralone.

So understand… That the thing that will fix you the most. Is the regular and ongoing 121 chat sessions.

The shred will take 3-6 months. So understand that, this is the mindset you’ll need to have, from day 1.

It’s not a big deal for ME to put you through that process. I’m forever ready. It’s about getting you ready for it.

Is it time for a 7-10 day break from working out?
I haven’t spoken about this in a while… But that is something you need to do, at least 3-4 times a year. And during that time, you’ll get more sleep, rest and food (variations too).
Then you’ll start to see what the 90-100% YOU looks like. As you’ll usually look like a 70% version of yourself during busier times.
If you find it hard to get those kinda breaks in. Then expect to see it in your plan, as an active S-curve member.
Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up. So that would be a good time to take one of these breaks. Which is also something that we embrace. And what you would have heard S-curve member Shawn talk about in that > podcast-ish.
Reply to talk… You KNOW adding below is MUCH better… And > More buzz for daily updates.


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