Increase Your Grip Strength With The Eagle Claw

March 11, 2010 by  
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The Eagle Claw is actually a Chinese form of martial arts, but there is an old school creative way to build grip strength, just by mimicing the hand that you see in the image. It’s really simple, but very effective.

1. Find two large jars (Or just buy some)

2. Fill them up with a heavy substance (Sand, Wooden pellets, Coins)

3. Close the lids as tight as you can

4. Hold one in each hand

If you make the jars heavy enough you will struggle to hold your grip. It’s simple… start with a light weight, hold your grip until failure. When it becomes too easy, just increase the weight or find something heavier to put in the jars.

While you’re at it, have some fun with it. Have competitions with your gym buddies and see who can last the longest. That will give all the muscles in the gym something to scream about for sure.

If you want to really prove your He-man strength, then try and lift the damn thing. Good luck I say! But if you do manage to start ‘repping’ them out, at least your triceps will have something new to scream about. 😉

See you in the comments.

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