Increase Endurance In A Kids Ball Pit

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I know I mentioned that I was going to post part 2 to yesterdays post, but your just going to have to wait. I want to make it sexy 🙂

Any how, I want to share something that’s even more fun than that.

Playing in a kids ball pit!

I have been fascinated with these ever since I stepped foot in one as a kid (The ball pit maze to be specific). I don’t quite know why exactly. Maybe it’s just a part of a fantasy world that I wish to be in.

But after playing in these a few times (Yes, I have dived into one since my migration to adulthood) I realized how great playing in a ball pit can be as part of an endurance workout.

The obvious thing to notice here, is all of the swimming around, with the balls fighting against your ability to swim forward (Resistance). It might not seem like a lot in the first few moments of doing this (as a workout) But the balls really do hold you back and test your strength endurance to carry on.

If you really do want to give this a try then add it to a circuit (Krypton factor style) and then swim several laps inside of the ball pit. This is great for some variation and a unique way to test and increase your endurance. All while having fun 🙂

Talk you thoughts in the comments.

… See you in the comments.

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