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Buzzers… Humpday…

So… You all know I’m having a little TC2.0 trip at the moment. And as usual… I end up striking up convos with a lot of folks.

Who knows why. Maybe that’s why YOU got lured into this newsletter. Ha.

I must have a halo above my head that says ‘talk to me’.


The conversations ended up being with women. Almost all American, since I’ve been in this part of the world.

And usually married or partnered up (One of the guy partners was there this time).

And in one of the conversations… It was evident that I have been doing this S-curve stuff for quite a while. Because everything I assumed about her, from first impressions, was true.

– Mid 30’s (Although physique made her look like a student @ 10 years younger) – Check
– Into an actual sport… But not much ‘fitness’ (She is 70-80% S-curvish) – Check
– Enjoys TC2.0 trips – Check (Not a hard guess this one)

Seriously… This kind of thing happens everywhere I go. I can just look at people… And guess the right thing every time.

It even happened with the husband of one of the other ladies.

I knew he lifted weights. But his goal isn’t to be super ripped and bulky. Just to look healthy. Which tends to be a goal that sets in, at around 25 years old and up.

So… With this confirmed skill set in place. It’s safe to say, that I should maintain a role on here, in terms of screening people @ S-curve experience shenanigans.

Even with Rhoj, from February. Who was also in the city this week. I guessed it ‘all right’ with her too. As we met in a mutual situation.

Which is why she’s still active.

I’ve uploaded some pics on my FB profile below.

It’s nothing really special this time around (And TC2.0 trips don’t have to be). Because I am currently busy managing quite a few things within this S-curve experience at present.

So maybe some wild ish next time… From me.

Besides…I really did need to ‘come up for air’. As I’ve been going flat out, since December 2017!

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Messenger has taken over. So I’ll see you there for the chats. Or 121 coaching sessions if you’re a member.


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