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It’s a good idea to eye up everything that happened > last week. It’s a new week. So let’s get into it.

– Home family
– Extended family
– Work life
– Study life
– Fun (Arguably the most important)

It’s the balancing act of satisfying each of these areas of your life. Which has caused you to start falling off

physically or mentally.

And you want to satisfy each of these areas. Because they’re important to you.

That is the most important thing of all. Which is to spend the most time, on the thing that’s most important to


See… That’s why the word ‘important’ is in today’s headline. Ha.

I see the struggles that people go through everyday with this. You already know that starting as a member will help with some of these struggles (If not all).

And I’ve already highlighted the fact that you should seek out specific ‘trusted’ help @ whatever is important

to you.

But one thing that is used behind the scenes here, to help with that. Is technology.

Technology is what has helped @fitbuzz help you.


– The original scientific S-curve physique formula (Calculator). Which factors in activity levels, age, weight, height, sex, calories and grams (I’ll send it to you if you really want to see it… Just reply or message).

Yup… I personally created that in 2012 (All results focused of course).

It’s what we still use to get you those guaranteed results. But YOU won’t see that application any more.

You just get given > these questions. And the answers allow us to give you a daily formula. Which is recorded LIVE on your member page. As a result of what happens in the 121 chats.

LIVE… Is the newest factor in that formula. Because of…

– Home family
– Extended family
– Work life
– Study life
– Fun (Arguably the most important)

@ lifestyle phase.

As those are the things that are the root of many problems you’re facing right now. Which caused you to open

today’s newsletter.

LIVE… Is happening here. Because that’s where we are, in regards to worldwide communication in 2017 and


That’s why things have been evolving… Away from a results only program, over the past few years. As the offline and online worlds are becoming one of the same.

Examples for you? (Mostly time saving)

– Private groups and chats on FB and LinkedIn
– – Or a place like that… That’s relevant to your line of work
– Home delivery services – There’s almost one for everything that you’re interested in now

I’ll have to stop there… As that is digging into some deep topics.

But I had to touch on that a little. Because of the topics that came up in that S-curve member podcast.

The overall message, in regards to that. Is to help you save time in everything that you do. So that you can start spending that time on those important areas… To YOU.

Now let’s re-activate your booty card and continue to live S-curvishly.

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