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Buzzers… Tuesday…


We’re going to play a game…

4 weeks > To no more belly

Using the same rules as the New Stage 2 (I even changed the name for it ‘temporarily’). That is…
To focus on ‘just’ giving you the formula for a teeny tiny waist, from today, until middle of May.


Well… I meet and interact with lot of people, every single day. Which means I see similar groups of people,

pop up again and again.

One set of people that I see… Is women who are already 70% S-curvish. Yet… The one body part that holds

them back. Is belly fat.

Which usually happens, due to living an S-curve experience kind of lifestyle.

– Eat whatever the fudge you want (All the time)
– Travel, fun, festivals, family parties

– Casually working out… But nothing specific

The only problem… Is that they aren’t eating S-curvishly, or following any of the rules inside the S-curve


If that sounds like you. Then we’ll just focus on 4 weeks to no more belly. Just focusing on getting it and

keeping it flat. OKzee!

I’m on the hunt

The S-curve formula works. Simple as. And every single day, new people are being introduced to it, due to my offline activity, here in Asia. And online, globally… Every minute of the day.

But usually… It takes one decisive action on your part… To realise that it works.

And then… To realise that most of the success achieved, is due to a ‘mentality fix’. You simply turn up and do.

That’s the main thing that’s holding people back @ not currently doing.

So right now… I’m on the hunt, to push as many of the right people, through the S-curve formula.

But there’s also another reason…

To grow an S-curve experience meet up network.


We was close to doing this back in 2015.

It’s where we travel the global and meet FitBuzzers and S-curve members, in the city that we’re visiting.


Because nothing beats doing this stuff face to face.


We’ve become an S-curve experience since then. So the meet ups can be us… Living out that experience…


– TC2.0 trips
– Night time ‘in the city’ shenanigans (Cheat snacking at roof top bars)

I did a lot of that last year… With a > group of individuals who knew NOTHING about becoming S-curvish.

They was clueless, before they met me.

And 1 year later… The bond that we built from those meet ups… Has ‘stuck’! We created epic moments, in epic locations.

That… Is the ‘big picture’ goal here.

And online… It can all start with YOU. You will succeed, at any stage right now. There’s no question about it.

Then your friends and family will notice. Like it did for > these ladies. In a BIG way. Which also led to an

> epic TC2.0 trip, to celebrate.

And then boom… The foundation for our offline shenanigans can continue to grow. Just a big gang of like

minded epic-ness.


All of that big goal stuff gets me pumped… Because I’ve lived up this experience. Which you’ll see on my cover photos and profile pics galore.

I’ve already met a lot of you from the newsletter and social media profiles over the years. So it’s time to start

grouping up, whenever the opportunity to do so, strikes!


#1 Message first, reply second.
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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