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Buzzers… Monday…First

September has kick started a new season. Which means some thing’s change for certain folks (Like kids going back to school). And it’s that ‘New Year’s Day’ vibe that kicks in.

So if you are in the midst of a ‘change’ right now. Then speak up. Because this is also a new season on the S-curve formula results timeline, because of September. Which carries on through, into the official new year of 2018.


– S-curve > physical results-spiration from Saturday. Since I know that matters to some of you.

– And some actionable work to boost your butt @ > Sundays newsletter.


> simple yet yummy S-curvish breakfast is up on the shenanigans album to kick start the week.

Fourth – The argument against becoming 90-100% S-curvish

You know… You can just get to 60-70% S-curvish, be content. Then live an awesome life with that physique in place.

The only problem with that approach. Is that you’re not protected from a fall back in results. Should life get hectic.

Because getting to 90-100% S-curvish, means you’re a ‘soft lean’ machine. Which means you’ll always burn fat easier, from just existing. So the chances of you ever going back to your old self, is less likely.

So get to 60-70% S-curvish. But don’t settle. Stay on stage 3 a little longer. And together… We’ll push on to 90-100%.


You know… We’ve been transparent on here from day 1. Just take a look at…
– The back story that sits at the top of > More buzz.
– The ‘shenanigans’ album (above)

– And the results pages on More buzz @ hall of fame/stage 3 links

But naturally… We get new FitBuzzers joining the scene all the time.

In our world… We focus on building deep meaningful relationships, where you’re comfortable to communicate. And as first timers here, some don’t think that it’s possible to build the bodies that you see here.


‘Genes’ and what country you’re from, does play a part. And the answer to that, is that we build the best body for YOU and what your frame allows.

But I’m here to re-clarify. That you’ll never see fake butts in the hall of fame. Or even on the social posts.

But what you ‘might see’. Is fake boobs.

‘Might’… Because it’s not encouraged. But members and Fitbuzzers have had it done prior to starting, in some cases.

It’s not encouraged. Because it usually leads to getting more fake body parts.

And that’s not what we do here! We don’t need to. The S-curve formula builds real body’s using ‘science’ and real life testing (Stuff you don’t ever need to learn about… Just turn up and ‘do’ what’s given to you).

Pics might inspire… Might make you feel insecure. But understand, that you WILL look like some variation of what you see all around S-curve world. Okzee.Soak up all of the above and head over to MY profile below. That’s where ALL the LIVE and interactive fun can be found!



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