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Buzzers… Friday…

Nope… I didn’t say that. > You did.


You know… One thing about taking TC2.0 trips. Is that you come back to your home location, with a ‘super’ moment of clarity.

Because often times… You’ll just keep on making crappy or uninspiring decisions @ you just keep pushing away at everyday life.

I was doing that for the past few months. But for good reason.

But due to all of our past experiences here. None of what I showed you during that time, was ‘bad’ to show you.

Which is one big benefit of doing something long term. You simply learn how to screw up, less.

Which is why we created a long term program. Because once you’ve gone through it… You can use the info over and over again because everything you experienced, is recorded via your LIVE update member page.

The only thing you’ll need to come back for, is 121 coaching. That has been the number 1 feature that has pushed members further. Mentally and physically.

So if you do end up paying more, as a new Pay-as-you-go member… That will be the reason why @ mostly.

TC2.0 withdrawal symptoms.

Yup… I couldn’t write about this yesterday. But I can now. Since I’m experiencing that. And coming back to the home set up… I quickly want to get back on another trip.

The main reason… Is the food! (TC2.0 location type… Which is different)

A lot of these villas and guest houses have some serious ‘cooking shenanigan’s going on, within their operations.

You simply kick back… And all this wonderfully cooked food enters your guts. I have > pics from previous trips

This is easily my most favorite part of this S-curve experience. I even tell you that in the 121 chats.

That is… To successfully put you through a Results Phase as quick as possible. So that we can start ‘living it up’.

Because I’ve known most of you for well over 3 years.

And the face to face meet ups have been picking up again. Especially since S-curve members have been travelling to my region recently.

I usually figure out that you’re near by… Because FB and Insta are using sneaky ways to let me know that you have arrived in a city near me…. The moment I load up their app.

We make you strong!

Today’s 121 chats aren’t just about Becoming S-curvish any more. We talk about business. Life. And stuff that I could help you with @ everything I’ve experienced behind the scenes. So expect that to be the case when you become a member.

But still…

Everyone wants to be S-curvish. Mentally and physically.

And the trigger to push you into becoming a member… Is usually always an emotional one.

– Mostly relationship break ups.

I’ve seen more of these situations than I can count. Some of which… I’ve shown you, via the hall of fame pages.

But most people don’t have the time or money resources to do become S-curvish, effectively. This is a problem. Because the outcome, always improves your life, in several areas.

Just look at my own 2009 pics, compared to now. Almost a decade later. You be the judge.

And I have even more responsibilities on my plate ‘today’, than ever before.

Fortunately… We’re able to use the internet, to create solutions, to make this a reality for you. And that’s what the current > Pay as you go S-curve member is.

– No worrying about yet another auto-payment, in your arsenal of ‘everyday life’ payments.

– No pressure @ having to put up max funds on day 1.

– The ability to simply stop the 121 coaching and just focus on your member page only, for a while.

This model is so important right now. Because it compliments the S-curve experience as a whole. So I’ve now started to improve the page description, to reflect that fact.

It’s no longer a test program. It’s becoming mandatory!

I’m using this too of course. I just don’t have to pay for it. Haha.

You all love how we work anyway. So hush… To however you responded to that sentence just now.

That’s all for today.


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