I saw your butt last night…

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Buzzers… Thursday…

Well… ‘I’ didn’t. But someone in your life did :).

But it’s fun to see some of the reactions and replies, whenever a newsletter is started in this way. Hehe.


> This is the new stage 1

And today… We’re going to highlight the reason, as to why it exists… In relation to > yesterday’s newsletter.

The reason why you’re encouraged to get on stage 1… Is so that you can ‘get in the game’. Because you’re usually going to be ‘on the fence’, before you get in.

Just > look at what Mariamne said yesterday.

She said that she’s the most active she has been in years. Because now she’s involved. And the vision that we see everyday… Has been embraced on her end.


The reason why you upgrade to stage 2 and beyond… Is so that motivation levels stay at a 10 out of 10… Consistently, for 6 months +.

Having that motivation level, is super hard to create on your own. But it’s needed. If you want the S-curve results you’re seeing around @fitbuzz. Which is why you upgrade.

Just look at > Alicia’s progress last year.

She had more ups and downs than the regular person. Due to surgeries. Yet… Being on stage 3, got her to that level. It’s at this point, where you’ll want to give me a virtual hug. Hehe.

This is why I still like to be involved with the process. As I get to see peoples faces light up, once they figure out that all of this sh*t is real. Without having to take some kind of pill, getting butt implants or any other crazy sh*t that’s going on out there.

‘Off the top of my head’ S-curve blueprint tips

#1 Struggling body parts?

All you have to do… Is change your body position in a particular movement… In order to wake up dormant muscle groups.


> Calf raises – Feet point inwards and outwards

> Glute bridge – Shoulder and feet raised

> Lunges – Hyper extended when standing

> Leg lifts – High leg lifts when standing (Hyper extended) or when kneeling

It really can make a big difference.

#2 Message me directly… With an issue that you woke up with ‘today’. I’ll reply with a blueprint tip for it.


#1 Message first, reply second.
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
#3 Check out > Buzzcoin (As there is a lot of potential for interesting things to happen there, within
the coming months/years).

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