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It’s another day of mass activity, behind the scenes of this newsletter (Just add on FB below to ‘see’ the BTS activity).

But today… I’m going to talk about the most important part of becoming S-curvish or shredding to smexy…

Your first monthYou’ll either start on the $300 a month results phase for 1, 2 or 3 months, if the trust levels are high enough.

If not… You’ll start on the 21 day challenge. Both of which can be found on > this page.

That’s just the process part of starting. But the most important part of this period… Is the foundation that you’re building.

You see… You’ll usually start… Being a little clueless about everything that exists within the S-curve formula.

– You won’t feel the effects of the S-curve meal structure.- You wouldn’t have experienced the rapid noticeable changes, that are triggered by the S-curve workouts

(Usually @ your collar bone area and upper torso).

– Habit building shenanigans wouldn’t have kicked in yet.


So at this stage, you are still learning. You are becoming a student. And breaking away from old habits. Which is hard to do for most adults. Which is also one reason why the program is long term.

So expect everything that we do together, to be very hands on and highly interactive at this stage.

It needs to be… Because this is the only way to ensure that you’ll survive the long term program.


Because you’ll inevitably fall into a lifestyle phase as time passes. This stage is less hands on and interactive. And that’s OK. Only if… You know what it takes to ‘stay’ active. Which is what you learn during your first month.

And as you move into the long term stages. Expect to reach your 60-70% S-curvish self at 6-9 months down the road.

It’ll be slightly less if you have a low body fat % and slightly longer if you have a higher body fat %.


Some blueprint tips

#1 Active monthly S-curve members on bronze/gold… You’ll see a new live update on your member page

before the week ends.

It’ll contain the link to the newly announced > tweak weeks short splits program. As we will be using that

as a part of your current regime. And as a summer routine.

I can tell by the vibe of our current 121 chats, that the summer vibe is kicking in for you right now. Which is

why it was announced towards the end of this month.

#2 Dinner for breakfast… There are a lot of food variations that you can have for breakfast. But you probably
won’t like ‘all’ the options that are available to you. So it’s OK to eat dinner foods at breakfast, as long as the

food types match.

#3 Stop taking multiple selfies and belfies on a daily basis. It’s decreasing your motivation levels.

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