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Buzzers… Day 4… S-curve formula via the newsletter followed… Yes? Good!

Yesterday… I walked you through the protocol S-curve meal structure. Because it’s important to remind you about how things work around ‘ere.

So today… I’m going to walk through how we do the workout shenanigans here (Save this).

Let’s go…

The earlier YouTube vids (Spread across the first and 2nd channel)

That’s where you should start, if you’ve not jumped on an older program from years 2011-2014. Or more recently… If you haven’t jumped on stages 1-4, yet.

Those videos are 10-15 minutes long. And it’s where I teach you, throughout the video, whilst doing the exercises.

All of those videos are ‘ingredients’. But you would have to message me direct, to find out how relevant any of those, would be to YOU. Since we focus on a higher end/higher success rate process here.

My energy levels are a lot higher in those videos too. So they might make you get up off ya butt :D.

The newer YouTube vids (Spread across the 2nd channel)

– Workout motivation via our associates

– Bikini-curvish fun vids

– Some TC2.0 vids

The vids on stages 1-4

This is where you really need to be. As these vids get straight to the point @ what you NEED to be doing… At any given time.

The 10-15 S-curve routines (Vids)

These are proven regimes that exist for a specific goal. Like…

Aphrodite butt building – Becoming S-curvish
S-curve bodyweight circuits – Shredding to smexy
Tweak weeks short splits – Becoming S-curvish when life is ‘busy’

That last one… I’m still using 4 times a week @ love it.

They last 4-6 weeks at any given time. And we switch to a different one. Based on your on going results.

Tailored Daily Exercise vids

These are short 2-3 minute videos that are recorded LIVE.

It’s where I talk directly to you in the vid.

They contain 3-4 exercises that you’ll do as you wake up or go to bed. But you will do this video daily… Without fail. On your workout days and non-workout days.

– They boost results.
– They keep you on the wagon when times get tough. Especially on a lifestyle phase.

That’s it.


You all know about strength and exercise progression. Even if you haven’t experienced it yourself on stage 3, yet.

So you know that > these exercises, fall into that area at some point throughout the initial 3-4 month progression period.

Which means… I’m never going to recommend that you do random exercises. As that may lead to injury or mediocre results.

So in response to that newsletter. I’m going to give you a beginner exercise, for the most problematic body parts, that I know you want to fix.


– Tricep push downs, as it allows you to focus on form, first.


– Barbell bicep curls. Again… Form practice and habit building.

Lower belly
Left, right and feet pointed straight, bodyweight laying leg raises.

Upper butt

Hyper extended side to side standing leg lifts.

You would see these exercises… And me talking about this topic, in those free videos, over time.

For newly recorded and specific videos… Jump on stages 2-4 via More buzz (Link at the end of every newsletter).

About those exercises above…

Seems too basic, simple… And stuff that you already know?

Good… Because all of those exercise ‘types’… Will help you keep the basic fundamentals of ‘effective exercise’ in place. As you progress to the more difficult exercise variations.

Exercises, where the challenge of it all, makes you lose focus. You can’t lose focus. I even recorded the whole process > here.

You probably won’t watch that entire LIVE stream, if you didn’t see it at the time.

But it’s there to remind you that the ‘real life tests’, part of the S-curve formula, got done. And still gets done, as more members pass through the gates of S-curve world.


#1 Message first, reply second.
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
#3 Check out > Buzzcoin (As there is a lot of potential for interesting things to happen there, within
the coming months/years).

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