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It’s been a heavy intensive coaching week this week.

That is… People who want ‘change’ to happen in their lives. But keep on repeating the same thing over

and over expecting a different result.

For some… I’ve even shown them the More buzz stuff. Which is free. But even then… The message still

doesn’t sink in on day one.

Which is part of the reason why some of the stuff that you see there is free. It’s to encourage habit building.

Which IS what they’re doing (Yay). They’re revisiting that page over and over again.

That page is only the beginning though. Again. Another reason why it’s free. And to get you to share it with

friends and family @ making more less-curvish women… S-curvish… Globally.


What people have to realise (Which they do when they officially start)… Is that the guaranteed way to

change, doesn’t just happen with just the workouts. That’s only a trigger for results.

And it triggers less, if your workouts aren’t tailored or guided via 121 chat sessions, on what type of

workout you should be doing for the ‘today’ YOU.

So if you’re loading up your old pages, prior to using the new live update member pages. Then those

workouts are good to get you back onto the fitwagon. Which is good.

But if you truly want your body to change for summer, as a past member. Then your time is much better

spent on the > stage 4 program.

As that’s where you’ll get today’s S-curve formula fix. Which is responsible for all of the epic results that

came about in the past 6-18 months.

Anyway… I went off track…

The guaranteed way to change… Happens with…

#1 S-curve nutrition

> Weekend focused munchies
> Changing the meal structure over time, based on your ongoing results
> End of day meal reports

#2 Coming up for air

#3 Hissy fit management
#4 Stuff that we do in the > tweak weeks program. Which allows you to do it on your own, without the live
results phase coaching. Which is also ideal for your lifestyle phase shenanigans.

That really is the stuff that will change you. And you need to be active with all of that stuff, for the first 6-12


Again… That is, if you really want to see change. And quickly too.


I already know that some people will still rush to prepare for the summer months. Although we’ve been

showing you that, that is not the way to live S-curvishly @ long term structure explained > here.

But if you are just learning about that… And need to fix your body fast, right now, for June-August. Then

stage 4 is the way to go, for past members (You get tweak weeks for free there too).

And of course… Results phase for new members. And if you start a results phase now… Expect the next

12 months of your life to completely change. Because that’s what’s happened with everyone that
started in that fall 2016 surge that we had.
Reply to talk, add below and > More buzz for everything else.

So… You know that we’ve using messaging apps for most of our chats over the past 5 years right…

As I mentioned > here @ it’s been a lot of fun and continues to become more fun.

Well… I’ve finally gotten around to playing with the messenger chat bot system.

In regards to S-curve world… This will be great to use as a part of the tweak weeks program. So the bot

that gets created, will be the first free upgrade for that program, specifically. As it’ll greatly enhance the
experience on that program.
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