I quit @ my summer butt

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Yesterday… We talked about the big goal that we’ve been gradually achieving on here… To help you
‘quit less’, via the high end experience that we’ve also been gradually improving.
But it’s not just about ‘not quitting’ @ the summer period. These are all of the periods of the year I’m
talking about…
– November/December
– Just after January
The process is important. Because it doesn’t just educate ‘you’. It educates and changes the people
around you.
– They turn into believers, in anything that they put their mind to (Based on true facts).
– They become happy and positive… Which means they spend more time with you (Too many people
avoid one another because of negativity issues).
This reflects in their work and social life.
And best of all… Everyones kids grow up, watching ‘their elders’ succeeding. This is super important.
Because the stuff they learn at those early ages will stick with them through adulthood, in a
BIG way.
Which I’m sure you know. And they’ll truly appreciate YOU… YEARS from now.
And you know when you’re a kid… And your parents put you through stuff that you hated ‘then’. But
you understood why, as you got older?
Because we focus on the lifestyle phase experience (The fun part of the process… Like travel-curvish,
do what the fudge you want @ yoga, swimming and then cheat snacking)… Those kids won’t be
wanting to back out. They’ll have fun and look forward to things.
Back to quitting
I’ve watched how people are at all levels now. And nutrition/working out won’t help solve the issue of
becoming and staying S-curvish.
Fixing your mind will. And people mess up in different ways at different stages of the process. And at
different stages in their life.
Which is why we have > stages 1 to 4 to cater to all. And is why we focus on that 65% non-workout
nutrition stuff.
And why we progressed to a higher end experience?
Ha… That’s a mind fix reason on it’s own. Which is…
Because you wouldn’t make the changes that are being taught, if you didn’t @ going high end!
Hopefully you can now see the bigger picture, with each newsletter that goes out (If you didn’t see it
before). And teaching you on here, turns you into an S-curve member.
But you can only know that you need it, once all of the boxes have been ticked (In your head).
And this is one of the main reasons why the newsletter is a part of the S-curve formula.
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