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Buzzers… > Moan-day

Today… We’re going to dig into each part of the S-curve experience to kick start the week.

Because a little reminder every now again, never hurts. Which is why we have regular S-curve blueprint tips via the newsletter.

Let’s get into it…

Becoming S-curvish

– It’s all about > Stage 1… Not just because it’s the cheapest option. But… Because it allows you to ‘feel’ the value and see it too, via noticeable results.

– Starting on Stage 1, also gives you some bonus discounts, should you decide to move through the stages.

– Even though you get monetary discounts. You realise at this point, that money is not the issue here. The issue, is finding a solution that you trust and feel a part of. You would have found it, if you’re at a point of deciding to move onto Stage 2.

– If you really wanted it for free. You could just sign up on > You can optional. And you would get one. Although

this is something a husband/boyfriend who is following… Would usually do for you. As the website on ‘You can

optional’, is mostly dominated by men.

For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini-curvish attire

> Bikini

It’s all about building an S-curve physique… Which can be enjoyed in all of those situations. This is the big motivation. Because you typically won’t wear or buy certain clothes, if you don’t look YOUR S-curvish best.

You’ll probably avoid Travel-curvish trips too.

So… All the images you see in the hall of fame, S-curve member stories and @fitbuzz Instagram…

Understand, that you are on your way there, once you’ve entered Stage 1.

It’s a successful longer term process, that many aren’t used to. So let us work our magic @ mental + physical


Improved daily lifestyle

This is what will keep you S-curvish. And I know it’s real… As I practice the ‘improvement’ every single day. It’s a part of the S-curve formula @ non-fitness stuff..

In general… It’s about following a set of habits, every single day. For me it’s….

– Hit 3 full meals a day without fail
– Have a 1 hour ‘come up for air’ moment
– Sleep for 7-8 hours without fail
– 3-4 workouts a week, with the S-curve short splits routine
– At least one TC2.0 trip a month

It’s impossible to fail once you have a routine in place. Which can never get boring, due to the nature of the lifestyle.

– You can become S-curvish from ‘anywhere’
– Different trip locations
– Enjoying nights out at restaurants/bars/coffee shops

Travel-curvish trips

I post my own every now and again, on my Facebook profile below. So you can get some motivation, following on there. But the other place to follow, is on @fitbuzz Instagram. As you’ll see a lot more.

Those pics are there to keep you motivated @ becoming S-curvish. And to educate you on the unique locations (Within popular locations) that exist in the world.

This is for sure, the most exciting part of the S-curve experience. I’ve personally done enough trips, to know for sure, that you should NOT be missing out on these trips.

Remember… I know that you’re ‘busy’. With other responsibilities to attend to in life.

And that’s why we have TC2.0

– 3-4 day trips
– 2-4 hours away from your home
– Wonderful, yet, less popular locations

We have a US list for this now, over on stayfitbug.com.


It doesn’t matter what your ‘life’ situation is right now. If you are reading this, it means you have some level of interest.

And at least some part of this, can be enjoyed. One thing is for sure… It’s a lifestyle that you’ll want to live forever @ never quit.

It’s a new week. So message me about stuff.


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