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Buzzers… Tuesday…

Once again… It’s another busy start to the week in S-curve world. With ‘movement’ in different areas of the S-curve experience. Even offline, on my end (I’m currently in a highly populated work space area in the city).So I’m pretty much adding new people every single day.

But in terms of starting as an S-curve member, in order to become and stay S-curvish. This is what we’ve been doing…

#1 All ‘beginners’ need a Results Phase in the first month.

#2 A Results Phase is $300 a month (The max you could do is 3 months… You’ll go insane if you tried to do more Results Phase months than that… Consecutively).

#3 You won’t pay $300 though. You’ll just pay $150 to ‘start’. And to then make sure you are comfortable with

everything, after the first 2-3 weeks (I’ll send you a tailored payment link during our 121 chat).

How we move forward after those first 2-3 weeks, can be decided at the time.


We’re putting your butt (And feelings)… First.

This is a heart felt approach on our end… Since we’ve known so many of you for so long. We want to make sure that new members get the experience that current long term members have been getting.

If you’re not a beginner. Then it’s all about the > $50-$300 Pay-as-you-go option.

Where YOU decide how you want things to play out… Based on what your life/schedule/goals looks like ‘today’.

Let’s blueprint tip – S-curve exercise tweaks 

This is what we cover in the strength and exercise progression module. Usually around month #4.

But today… I’ll throw some randoms at you.

#1 Calf raises(Dumbbells in hand or barbell in the machine) = 

– Feet pointed outwards, inwards
– 3 steps… Where you pause for one second, 3 times, before you reach the peak of each rep

#2 Single arm over head dumbbell tricep extensions = 

– Super rep (All reps!)

#3 Bicycles =

– Leg raise bicycles
– 2 second pause at each 5th rep
– Ankle weights

#4 Laying abductions =

– 45 degree variation

It’s never a good idea to jump into any advanced exercise variation. I’m just giving you a visual of what some of the progression looks like.

Just scroll through > this page to see what successful exercise progression looks like, over a 4 month period @ upper body strength.

Yup… The whole thing was recorded.

I know you won’t watch it all though. Lol.

Just know… ‘That’ exists.


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