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Buzzers… Saturday…

It’s another weekend of lapping up the Christmas vibes in town for me.

There might be some TC2.0 shenanigans coming up in the next week or so (I’ll post pics and vids if I do). So I’ll be focused on looking after all of you this weekend. And maybe a TV show or two (Streamed of course… Haven’t watched ‘TV’ in about 10 years).

Today’s headline

So… You’ve been watching and consuming everything on here over the past 12 months… Right.

On here… And on the social media profiles.

And this year… There was a big focus on getting face to face with ladies (And fellas who are a fan of…) who could be potential FitBuzzers.

And I would meet up with one particular group once a month or so. Which you would have seen via the shenanigans album on my own FB profile at the end of each newsletter.

Findings part 1

Not everyone is an ‘internet’ person. A lot of the folks I met, were clueless about the fitness world. And had no idea that the bodies you see here, even existed (I was like that too, back in 2009).

And today… When people see the @fitbuzz images. They want to talk with someone they can trust. To tell them what’s real, fake, BS… Etc.

That’s the main reason why I stayed as the main ‘voice’ @ everything S-curve.

So it really was a good thing to travel to different parts of the world and help people who really need the help.

Highlight: People will take action on a good thing, when they feel good about the situation.

Findings part 2

Learning how women think.

I of course, have to know this. It’s how I’m able to help you. But conversing and watching women in action, confirmed everything I already know.

What was more interesting. Was seeing how a lot of men didn’t understand the way women think/are (I’ve seen some of this stuff with the partners/husbands of S-curve members too).

That’s a whole topic on it’s own.

Highlight: The reactions on women’s faces when I reveal the problems they’re having, without knowing  them at all… And then throwing solutions their way :).

Stuff you are well aware of, as a newsletter reader of course.

Findings part 3

Travel-curvish 2.0

That is… A lot of women are embracing the 2-3 day trips to beach, camping and hiking destinations. That are only 2-4 hours away from their home city, regardless of where they live in the world.

Some of those I met who are already doing TC2.0, even ended up on the @fitbuzz Instagram.

So if my predictions are right. This will be the ‘hot thing’ in S-curve world over the next 12 months or so.

2017 was all about enhancing the > stage 3 results and lifestyle phase. And for past members to start jumping on stage 4 (Which I predicted they would, back in 2016).

There’s some other stuff to mention. But this newsletter is LIVE. And my brain farted and forgot some stuff.

Conclusion =

We will continue to merge the online and offline worlds into one. Which is what’s happening with the world anyway. @ social media rising to the top of all media platforms.

A) > Fall season/2018 prep.
B) > More buzz to see everything that’s going on.
C) Message first on FB… No one replies to newsletters anymore. But you can still do… And I’ll still reply back.


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