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Buzzers… Saturday…

It’s the last day of the month and Q1 2018. So I’ll be taking it slow this weekend. Enjoying some new music and movies (> Ready Player One). And preparing for the next quarter.

I know something… About YOU?

Well… I don’t know anything really. Not until I talk to you 121.

But once I do… It’s only then, that I can change your fudging life!

Because the non-scientific parts of the S-curve formula, requires some insider knowledge about YOU. That knowledge, will then lead to a tailored plan, based around your current day life/style.

That’s the only way to make you look and feel like the best version of yourself @ guaranteed physical/mental results.

One thing I do know for sure though… Is that you don’t look and feel your best… Because of your current thought processes.

I’ve personally been there a few times, since starting these S-curve shenanigans, in the early days  of stayfitbug.com.

So I know what it’s like to make big mental and physical shifts. Which means I know you’re going to have to do completely opposite things, in order to win.

Examples from past members

Aanu – Thought it was a good idea to eat fruit at night.

Nope… That spikes your insulin levels and encourages unwanted fat gain. Morning until early evening only

@ eating fruit.

A few members – Constantly eat chocolate before bed. And it was ‘protocol’ for them (WTF).

You can occasionally play around like that, when you’re beyond 60% S-curvish. But if you’re below that level… Then… That’s 100% why you don’t look and feel your best.

The problem here… Is that everyone thinks they have super human powers. And that certain things won’t affect ‘them’. Because they’re ‘special’ (Like those who won’t think they’ll get pregnant, that ‘one time’ @ late night bed time shenanigans).


That sh*t will catch up to you for sure. And when it does. The people that you’re regularly around, will let you know about it. Usually… Long before you notice any changes.

So cut that out already.

The only thing that you should be eating before bed. Is casein and some mono/poly fats (Fish oil tablets).

Or any tasty ‘protein only’ food that you like. Since it’s not realistic to sip on casein @ the long term (Lifestyle phase).
ConclusionIt’s Easter weekend. So I’ll keep this short.

And… Because your next step, is to jump in the 121 Messenger chats.

All of the above, is only to do with stages 1-4 though. And as you saw in > yesterdays newsletter… We have a lot more things going on in this S-curve universe.

So More buzz is where you need to go, if stages 1-4 isn’t what you need in your life right now.


#1 Message first, reply second.
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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