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Buzzers… Thursday…

Christmas is nearly here. And right now… It’s a combination of chats with…

Past members – Returning… Like Monica. She was the first > scenario and still is. And doesn’t need much help. But laps up the supplement stuff via More buzz.

New stage 1 members  – Like Mrs Greene and Amina… Who both received the LIVE update member page for their stage 1’s (New as of Monday 18th December).

And talking with new FitBuzzers – In the FB page Messenger chats. It’s a lot more interactive there. So feel free to sign up to it, if you don’t want to add me for some reason 🙂 (So friendly I am @ Yoda voice… Star Wars vibes).

Make sure you do. Because talking 121 is ‘the’ #1 way that we can help you… Which usually spans outside of the realm of ‘fitness’ chatter.

And today… I’m going to highlight some stories @ what is was like for members who experienced real physical results for the first time.

As I KNOW some of you are reading and watching new people come in. And kill it… LIVE, from everything

that’s given in this newsletter.

And you’re just there… Not experiencing the same thing :(.

It’s always our goal to not let that fact remain. So… From the hall of fame or stage 3 page via > More buzz

Enter: Amy

She had a ‘curvy’ past. And a current day new shredded self, when she first let us know about her existence. Yet… She had no butt.

And if you look at her ‘before’ picture. You’ll see that there was quite a challenge ahead @ butt growth.

A break down of how it all played out…

A) She had to gain mass first, without exploding her waist. That’s all S-curve meal structure shenanigans.

B) She had to trigger the results via the best S-curve workout routines.

C) It happened quicker, due to the S-curve formula. But… It still took a while, based on her current physique.

She’s currently living like a stage 4 member now. But the…

Take away = You should only worry about building a better version of yourself. The other ladies you see
around @fitbuzz, just serve as motivation to start, continue and then win.

Enter: Yani

Her story is classic. In that, she thought she had tried everything in order to become S-curvish. But she didn’t (Could blame it on being just 17-18 years old at the time).

She was doing good workouts. But what she was doing within them, was holding her back (Namely the results triggers).

And… She wasn’t eating S-curvishly. She became a long term member on day one. But the noticeable results happened within the month.

Even her mother got a shock and wondered what the fudge she was doing. You’ve all seen the 30 day

noticeable results play out many times now. So the…

Take away = Let other people into your current day knowledge base. More knowledge + continuous ‘correct’ action, is how you’ll win. Even if failing happens along the way (Which happens less, due to our collective experience now).

Enter: Alicia

It took months of talking on and off before she became a member. And just like all the other shred to smexy members. The results started to show fast.

Then friends and family started to notice. At which point, she had no choice but to tell them what she was


Which lead to ME getting tons of virtual hugs. Ha.

Take away = Don’t wait for what you want. And in many cases… ‘Need’.

This applies to many other areas of life right now. As technology continues to disrupt every industry on the



Becoming S-curvish is where it all begins in this now ‘S-curve experience’. And the only tools you need to get going, are…

A laptop/iPad, wifi, any open space/gym and access to food.

Message first. Reply second. 


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