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Buzzers… Tuesday…

It was a beastly start to the week yesterday. And you would have seen exactly what that looked like, if you’re following my own FB stories (It’s continuously updated 24/7/365).

And today… Marked the release of the HD home version of Avengers: Infinity war. So I watched that, hours before this newsletter got sent out.


That headline above…

For 80-90% of you… You will know everything about S-curve world. Because you would have been consuming everything that you see here, for months or years, prior to today.

But new faces enter S-curve world, every single day.

Most people ‘get it’ straight away. But some people will have more questions to ask, in their first 1-3 months here. Regardless of where they arrived from.

– Offline, here in my current hub
– Via my travels
– Meet ups
– Their friends and family
– Social media

So today… I’m going to give you a simplified version of what you see here > More buzz.

#1 Back story

It’s been 9 years since we first officially started. And I’ve added a total of 3 back stories, during that time. But the link in this section, explains it best.

#2 The protocol S-curve meal structure 


Is related to human emotions and changing lifestyles. So it’s no surprise that people continue to fudge this up.

But for newbies and pros… This is the link that you turn to. Whenever you need to remind yourself of how to start or continue fixing yourself in this area.

Successfully continuing on for the longer term… Usually requires the help from…

#3 Stages 1-4 (This is how you become S-curvish… And fix everything else that’s wrong with you)

How people start… Changes over time. And today… It’s all about starting from a tailored Paypal payment link, after having a 121 chat on Messenger. Or > here.

But… The formula of how people continue on for the long term, remains the same. Because that’s the S-curve formula, that makes all these mental, lifestyle, physical improvements… Happen.

– Pay as you go…

– Auto payments…
It doesn’t matter what the format is. The S-curve formula stays the same.
#4 The ingredient focused supplements The > Instant Knockout page is a good example. If you have more questions, as todays headline states…

Since there’s an ingredient break down section on there. With an emphasis on explaining the importance of focusing on ingredients.

And > this page, explains how we use…

– High end
– Ingredient focused
– Protocol

Supplements… In conjunction with the S-curve meal structure.

It’ll still probably take many 121 chats ‘later’. Until you successfully learn and start applying this to your daily life though.

#5 Links to @fitbuzz social media profiles Via what’s trending. A section which has now moved into the newsletter on here and on Messenger.

To conclude

I’ll probably use today’s newsletter to show to newcomers, when they first arrive here. Just like I have done with some other newsletters that became protocol info pieces.

But ya… If you had more questions as a newbie to S-curve world. That should answer most, if not all of your questions.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?– > GHD again… It seems to be a mandatory part of the becoming S-curvish snaps that you take.

– > Example = 

– > Narrated HIIT cardio

– Tis the season for > S-curve bodyweight circuit activity.

Blueprint tips

FB stories > Messenger

This really is where you need to be right now!


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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