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Buzzers… Wednesday…
You all know that we’re at that ‘planning’ part of the year. As highlighted in recent newsletters. And we’re a little more focused on it this year. Especially now that there’s more going on within the ‘experience’.And one of the best things about officially starting… Is the mindset, that all of this stuff puts you in.- It allows you to eliminate the wrong people that are in your life, easier.

– It allows you to succeed in other areas of your life.

The people around you and the thoughts you have…

Whatever life looks like for you right now (good or bad ‘in your eyes’)… It’s because of those two factors.

Members who end up going long term, understand that fact pretty early on. Especially those who I mentioned recently, who are returning from 2-3 years ago.

Because they disappeared. Got into some other s*** (Some times due to hissy fits). And fell off… Mentally and physically. And it shows. Just look at > Angie from Mondays newsletter.

Returning ‘now’, as a past member or a long time newsletter reader, is better than ever. Because we are all living this lifestyle together.

And if not all of it. Then some part of it @ this…

Become S-curvish > For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini-curvish attire > Improved daily lifestyle > Travel-curvish
2.0 trips

Either way… We’re all in the same world here. These newsletters are a part of the S-curve formula.

And you are already involved and being affected by what you read and learn here. So you are already entering the ‘right people/the right thoughts’ to be around… Wether you realise it or not.

This is why I’m always on the look out for the right opportunities, to bring us all together, face to face.

Online is great. And it allows us to do that globally, daily. And it improves year after year.

But nothing beats face to face. And the ‘right people/right thoughts’ thing, is heightened. Especially once the meet ups are over. And you create life long bonds with folks in many cases.

So ya… A little something to keep in your mind during this planning part of the year.

And remember… These are some > likely scenarios that you’ll consider, as we approach the new year.

– Yay to goals
– Nay to resolutions

Here’s to finding many ‘the ones’ in your life @ the right people… Which leads to the right thoughts (Enter wine glass emoji).

Blueprint tips time

#1 Due diligence… I talk about the ‘trust factor’ frequently on here.

– Because the internet is growing, with great things happening within it. But more trash has come along with that growth too.

– Because new FitBuzzers are entering our universe daily. So it’s important to make them feel as  comfortable as possible, quickly. Because they haven’t seen our journey, the way that you have.

So the rules are as follows…

A) To really learn about a persons/entities real character. You just have to watch them over a period of time. Usually any time after 3 months.

B) If their behavior remains intact after that time. Then there’s usually no reason to start waving a red flag.

C) Choose an individual/company who has helped a lot of people get the results you’re looking for (That you have got to know and trust during that time).

You are now in safe hands.

#2 As I’ve said recently… I’m not a fan of giving you random workout tips at this stage of S-curve 
formula creation @ recently explained why. But the following will shock your muscles into change.

– Dumbbell front squat + Super rep + Isolation hold (You must use a light/medium weight!)

– High tension standing lunges (Light/medium weight)

– Super rep single arm over heard tricep extension (Light/medium weight)

You can do one set of each and come back to ME with the amount of reps you can do in one set.

Again… That’s some of the kinda stuff that gets thrown at you for 1-2 weeks, during stage 3 via > More buzz.

Message first. Reply second. 


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