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S-curve blueprint tips
We do them…

#1 To prepare your mindset as a newsletter reader, for you to become an official member. So that you

can start to live S-curvishly and grow into a 90-100% S-curvish physique.

#2 To keep these tips present in your subconscious mind, as an official member. As it’s impossible to

remember everything on any given day. Which is of course a part of the S-curve formula.


We’ve been focusing a lot, on stuff for brand new members recently. As we have to… So that they can become a part of the ‘furniture’. But here are some updates for current/active members.

– The official S-curve experience foods lists are coming (Geez… Even I need to stick this up on

my own fridge door).

– Tweak weeks modules are being updated.

– S-curve bodyweight circuit 3.0 is coming for intermediate/advanced members.

– Travel-curvish 2.0 is coming.

All of which will be used in…

Todays Walkthrough… @ Story to tell

I’m going to walk you through, what certain periods of the year look like @ the S-curve experience.

You can > ‘see it’ here.

But let’s talk through it…

When in the city

– ‘Come up for air’ moments (Usually at lunch time)

It doesn’t matter what you do. Just find something that gives you 100% peace of the mind for 1-2 hours. Mine is a roof top swimming pool. Which you can see in the ‘shenanigans’ album above.

– Dining out in the evening

Which I talked about yesterday.

– The long weekend (Travel-curvish 2.0)

It’s the same as the current travel-curvish. Just… With destinations that are closer to your home city.

– And of course… Hitting your S-curve meals ‘exact’

On the road

– Eating a protein food when times get busy.

– Eating ‘high in mono/poly’ fat + protein foods as the S-curve standard.

– Fruits (Especially the ones that keep you feeling full… For longer).

– Fresh veggies.

Travel-curvish hiking/camping/island hopping moments

– > These pics @ island hopping
– And > this pic @ hiking/camping

It’s always best when organised before hand. But it’s the best thing ever. The food doesn’t have to be A-rated. But in those environments, they usually are. And the stuff used to make the food taste good, will have little saturated fat too.


I always show pics and vids of this ‘now’ S-curve experience. Wether it’s via ME, S-curve members or associates. As words alone are not good enough in today’s world.

But the above, is a nice simple summary of it.

Tomorrow @ blueprint tips.

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