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Buzzers… Sendewday…


That was one story in the S-curve universe @ long time members (3-5 years). But the fun thing about communicating with so many people, globally. Is that you get to see the current perspectives that people have.

I’m talking ‘life’ stuff too. Not just S-curve experience stuff.

And it’s all genuine ‘vibes’ when communicating with folks… Since I just talk, with no intentions in mind. And the S-curve world shenanigans… Only come up, if I’m asked.

This of course creates stories for this newsletter.

The following… Is some highlights from a convo I had yesterday. From an already ‘fit’ lady.

But as usual… Everyone has something they want to fix. Physically or mentally. So let’s get into it…

Questions > Answers

– She’s a follower/lady I met a few months back.
– A person that knows a lot less than you do, as a well informed newsletter reader.

#1 What… You have a formula?

Yup… Been building up gradually/organically since 2012-ish.


Well… You like wine? Yes…

You like pizza? Yes…

You like nights out with the folks? Yes…

(I already know this of course… As I met her in these scenarios).

Well… All of that will continue. We just re-structure the way that you do those things.

Which is of course cheat snacking and TGIF cheat nights.

#2 OMFG… I’ve known you all this time (Added on Facebook after meeting – Below). And it’s only

now, that I’m seeing these bodies (And other FB posts)… My gosh.

(Remember when I told you all… That there’s people who don’t know that this exists. Well… That’s the reaction. @ they don’t live in OUR world here. They’re heavily active offline).

My response: Well… You can indeed look like that (At which point, I start walking through the S-curve member stories).

But her… Being a person outside of this. I also explain to her, that this is just the beginning of the experience. And it’s all a lot more mental and time management focused than it appears.

Aka… It’s a lot deeper. Which is what you all, already know.

A balancing act of all the things that are important to YOU.

– Home life
– Extended family
– Work life
– Study life
– Fun (Arguably #1 goals for all of us)

It usually takes a few months of ‘following’, to see all the elements of the experience (Like > Mr Deity, who I met in March… Who now, always sends his associates our way).
I added her back in July. She’s a busy lady. It’s ROcktober now. So here we are.

#3 I’ll be meeting her on Friday for the first time… 121.

So let’s see what happens.


More of this LIVE stuff will continue to pop up. So keep watching. As there’s not a single day where I don’t learn something new. When communicating with folks.

Which means YOU get to learn new stuff too. All through this newsletter.

There’s an official fall/festive season announcement tomorrow. So… Chat then.

Add below (First). Reply (Second). And > More buzz for daily updates.


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