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Buzzers… TBT…

Yup… You’ll usually see a ton of throwback stuff on this day.

Today… It’s all > Justice League for me @ cinema shenanigans. So you can all imagine yourselves as Wonder Woman again. Since that’s what we turn you into here. Hehe

But since it is a TBT. I’m going to dig into some S-curve member stories from the past 5 years. Excluding the ones from the past (Big rush + program ‘higher end’ evolution) 12 months.

> Let’s go…

S-curve member Pamela

You know when you think you’ve tried everything to succeed physically…

News flash = You haven’t!

This applies to almost all who became members.

But if you look at the 121 coaching chats that we did with Pam. You’ll see that she was genuinely shocked @ the physical changes she started to see.

The biggest lesson she learned. Was that a real shred (That you get to keep) takes a number of months to achieve.

And to then… Know how to perfect. You don’t have time to learn how to do that. You just need to be shown. And then ‘DO’ @ stage 3 shenanigans.

FitBuzzer Arora

There was no timeline on that pic. But since I can personally tell you how long it’ll take someone to reach their ideal physique, just by looking at them ‘today’.

I can tell you… That result will take 8-12 months of being on a results phase. That’s not very fun though. And is not recommended here.

So… 12-18 months of shifting between a results and lifestyle phase.

One more… S-curve member Yani

She reminded me of the members from this past year. As we got really close. Which means I learned all about her family, boyfriend etc.

Which means I got to see how her changes impacted them too. Her mom genuinely asked her ”WTF have you been doing”.

Anyway… Her issue, is that she wasn’t triggering her results properly with the workouts.

Which meant that she didn’t get those increased hunger pains. Which meant that she didn’t feel the need to eat more (And eat S-curvishly too). Once she did… That result came.


All of the above is good and great. But it all happened during a time, when we was focused on the physical side of things ONLY.

Now… It’s about mastering the lifestyle and mental side of things. Because that is where the reality of your daily life exists.

In fact… Some members go long term. Just for the consistent mental fix.

– Accountability
– 121 coaching chats keeping you on the wagon
– An entity that has your back, regardless (Which is something that cannot be said @ some of the current people in your life)

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