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When the plan doesn’t go according to plan…

Buzzers… TGIF…

The weekend is here. Which means…
– #TGIF cheat nights
– Nutrition focus only weekends
– Travel-curvish 2.0 shenanigans (I’ll introduce a new challenge for all of us tomorrow)

In the past 8 years… I started to compare the following two areas @ life stuff…

– Predicting results in ‘business’
– Predicting results, in regards to getting the body you want

Which all stemmed from a discussion on a tech site. Which featured > this article that went viral at the time.

I don’t even sound (Or think) like that any more. Lol. But hey… I was feeling a certain way at that time (Read the bugs story @ why – Cringe).

The first… ‘Can’ be predictable in some cases. But a lot of times… Isn’t. And the outcome is not always


But in regards to getting the body you want… It’s all science.


– If you don’t put excess saturated fat into your body, then you won’t gain any ‘extra’. On top of what was

already there (When on a shred ‘fat’ plan).

– If you jump from nutrition tactic to the next… You’ll screw things up inside your body a little and make

getting the body you want, less predictable.

– If you are over the age of 18. And didn’t start becoming ‘active’ in all this ‘early’. Then… It might take longer

to see results.

Which brings me back to the big LIVE video results stream period, that we had this time last year. Between

> this and > this lady.

They both got put through the same shred-curvish process.

They both shredded. But Vic shredded a little quicker.

– Vic had a higher metabolism. And she only had excess belly fat (From eating and drinking every night).

– Vic has a slimmer body type and longer limbs.

– The other lady treated her body pretty badly over several years.

– The other lady has shorter limbs, so it was harder to notice the changes when fully clothed.

– The discipline level was the same with both.

In short… It was easy to identify why things were going to plan with one. And a little slower with the next.
That’s why > these questions are so important @ learning everything that you’ve done before.

That’s why you need to add/reply to talk, if officially starting is on your agenda.

Because the more we know. The better the outcome can be.

This is the #1 reason why we evolved into a ‘higher end’ experience over the past 3-4 years. Because the

results have improved, year after year on here ever since doing so.

And members stay on for longer and actually complete the necessary steps to reach 60% S-curvish and


So if you ever say… Or hear someone say…

I’ve tried everything and nothing works.

I call BS. A big one.

Because I KNOW you’re simply missing some part of the formula. And in most cases. It’s usually a simple fix.

YOU just can’t see it.

– Being accountable.
– Changing what you do with food.
– A results phase approach for your workouts (A big one this… As you’re probably going half-assed without

even realising that you are).

Or just living on the treadmill (OK for some things… But not if you want to see > this physical outcome).


Like I said earlier this week. The experience as a whole, is what will come up the most, on all of our platforms.
But it almost always starts with fixing your body (And mind) issues… First.

Add/Follow/Message below (First). Reply (Second). And > More buzz for everything else.

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