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Buzzers… Tuesday…
That headline has been one of the long term ‘behind the scenes’ goals on here. That is…
To cut the amount of time that it takes to achieve the things we set out to do from day 1!

We set the record of 14 days to see genuine ‘noticeable’ S-curvish results. Which was kick started by > Victoria this time last year.


The goal hasn’t been to get as many members in as possible.

It’s been A LOT more about putting however many members there are, through the process. And ensuring that everyone wins.

Which is of course, to fully live the S-curve experience.

But it all has to start at the results phase/stage. It’s a ‘structured’ step by step process.

Cutting the learning curve time period is important. Because it reduces the amount of hissy fits you’ll have along the way. Hissy fits are what makes you want to quit.

That in turn, leads to more ‘happy feeling’ moments. And your motivation levels go up. Which is ‘super’  important during a results phase. As we both have to turn up everyday in the 121 FB Messenger chats.

Let’s get real

Because being ‘real’ and LIVE everyday, is what we do here.

– It’s September
– All of us are grown folks
– And most work in a company, in the heart of your home city (There are some biz owners/self employed folks too though)

So it’s not possible to live the S-curve experience, as described (From the outside) to potential future S-curve members. At least not in the beginning.

As we start, by solving the things that are going wrong in your life.

Which is usually physical and mental fixes.

Which requires ‘focus’ and improving your daily life shenanigans. All whilst pressing the mute button, on all the other unimportant BS that goes on around you everyday.

Note: There are problems going on all around you in the world. Some directly affect you. Some indirectly affect you.

But understand this… 

You CAN continue to push on positively and live ‘awesome’. As long as you are alive, kicking and able to read this newsletter. OKzee.

And you all saw this happen LIVE. Especially in the past 12 months.

– Offline… On pages > like this. Which was also the link in yesterday’s newsletter.

– Online… On pages like the > hall of fame/Stage 3, since we print screen the chats.

Your ‘real’ daily life, as described above, is why we have the inner city version of the S-curve experience.

– Roof top bars
– Coffee shop hangouts
– Restaurants

Because that’s the reality of where you’ll be most of the time.

The biggest tip of all @ cutting the learning curve time period

You’re being put on a winning path from day #1.

Big wins happen at 6 months (The quickest) and 18+ months @ the longest. We shift through the two phases. So we can always decide along the way.

Tip = Once you start, do not stop! As you might as well not start at all.

I see too many people quitting a ‘good thing’ that they have going in their life. Only to stop for no excuse at all. And then regretting that ‘quitting’ later on. As things may have changed when they decided to return.

Wasting time is a big no-no @ S-curve experience shenanigans… In all areas of the experience.

So… Just ‘don’t’.

And remember… Husbands and partners are a part of this experience too. So make sure to keep them involved.

Reply to talk… You KNOW adding below is MUCH better… And > More buzz for daily updates.


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