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Buzzers… Final TBT of 2017…

Maybe you’ve experienced that subject line in your life (as a woman). Maybe you haven’t. Hehe.

But it’s a frustrating thing, when you’re trying really hard to succeed with something. But the needle just won’t budge.

This happens a lot when it comes to working out. in order to trigger the changes that you desire in your body.

I recently highlighted this scenario in > Yani’s story.

And yesterday… I stated that it would continue to happen, if you don’t go through the S-curve process. In the way that it’s been designed.

And one way to overcome that issue in the workouts. Is by tweaking the execution of certain exercises.

I’ll show you what I mean. With an area that I struggle with first….

Calves – Making them 3D =

– 3 step calf raises with a heavy weight until failure for 2-3 sets

– Toes pointed outwards for 1 set
– Toes pointed inwards for 1 set
– Toes pointed straight for 1 set

Triceps – Shredded/Smaller arms

– Laying barbell tricep extension
– Super rep single arm standing dumbbell tricep extension… With a light/medium weight

Can’t leave out biceps… So…

– Bicep curls… Doing the same thing

Fat that sits on your lower back

– One arm side to side ski swings
– Standing/Walking knee to elbows, with elbows isolated at a 90 degree hold (Like you’re doing a classic

double bicep flex. But relaxed and not flexed)
Upper butt

– Feet raised quadruped hip extension with ankle weights on

Lower belly

– Leg raise-bicycles (You’ll end up doing super reps by default) + 3 second hold at each 5th rep + Ankle weights on

Some of this stuff happens at the advance stages of exercise progression. So you might need to build up to some of those, depending on what level you’re currently at.

Either way… They’re all proven to wake up those stubborn muscle groups. Groups… That you probably aren’t supposed to be genetically gifted in. Or… That you simply don’t use them enough @ if you don’t use it, you lose it (Yup… Means you didn’t ‘feel it’).

Too much raunchy vibes in this newsletter today. So let’s end it there.


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