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Buzzers… Tuesday…

Well… I’ve never had that said to me before.

But right now… I’m going 1000% all in… @ the Results Phase.

I’m talking totally unlimited.

– Unlimited 121 voice/video calls
– Unlimited 121 coaching chats via Messenger
– Unlimited EVERYTHING!

It already was. But now… More so than ever before. Since some things that go on behind the scenes, have been automated.

So I can truly go all in @ 121 shenanigans. Which I recently said is my current main role here at present.

Yesterday… I just linked to Paypal direct. And shortly after that, I created > this simple page for it.

This is a 6-8 week Results Phase. So you’re actually getting to stay on for 50% longer than usual.

It’s the first and only time that this is going to happen for now. And it’s happening… Due to the time of year (Remember what I said about ‘timing’ yesterday…).

Looking back at past Results Phase members… Shows that you probably won’t need to ever be on one, ever again, after doing this.

So be prepared to get those excitement levels ready.

if you was ever going to start. Now is a super good time. Because my energy levels are high in this area.

I’m human… So it won’t last forever. So get in there!

Some reminder blueprint tips

#1 Pineapple…

This is…

– One of the best cheat snacks ever.
– A super fast carbs drink, for an S-curvish breakfast.
– A great ‘chill zone’ post workout drink.

Yup… You already know that I’ve done (and still doing) everything first hand that you end up doing on here.

And pineapple gets eaten every other day. I even have back ups of the stuff for my TC2.0 trips (> Pic I took

 in my own kitchen).

But in terms of cheat snacking. It’s where I recommend you start. Because pineapple is sweet enough to satisfy your natural cravings. It’s A-rated (As are all fruits). But the sweetness levels are so high, that you won’t end up binging on it.

Aka… It’s not fun to eat after several bites of the stuff, in one sitting.

Which means it can never turn into a cheat binge. Which becomes addictive and is why you currently have unwanted levels of fat on certain areas of your body.

I’ll guess… Right on your mid/lower back? Reply yes, if I’m right…

So… If you are going to load your kitchen up with a cheat food (You will not do this with any other food… Only buy and eat on the day). Do it with pineapple. As your taste buds won’t allow you to cheat binge with it.

#2 Due diligence… I talk about the ‘trust factor’ frequently on here.

– Because the internet is growing, with great things happening within it. But more trash has come along with that growth too.

– Because new FitBuzzers are entering our universe daily. So it’s important to make them feel as comfortable as possible, quickly. Because they haven’t seen our journey, the way that you have.

So the rules are as follows…

A) To really learn about a persons/entities real character. You just have to watch them over a period of time. Usually any time after 3 months.
B) If their behaviour remains intact after that time. Then there’s usually no reason to start waving a red flag.
C) Choose an individual/company who has helped a lot of people get the results you’re looking for (That you have got to know and trust during that time).
You are now in safe hands.
#3 As I’ve said recently… I’m not a fan of giving you random workout tips at this stage of S-curve formula creation @ recently explained why. But the following will shock your muscles into change.
– Dumbbell front squat + Super rep + Isolation hold (You must use a light/medium weight!)
– High tension standing lunges (Light/medium weight)
– Super rep single arm over heard tricep extension (Light/medium weight)
You can do one set of each and come back to ME with the amount of reps you can do in one set.
Again… That’s some of the kinda stuff that gets thrown at you for 1-2 weeks, during the Results Phase (above).

#1 Message first, reply second.
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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