How Your Perfume Affects Your Mood

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Marilyn Monroe famously said, “There are no women who do not like perfume, there are women who have not found their scent”. And she was right! A rare woman doesn’t want to drop by the perfume counter to find there a stunning mood perfume for yourself or for her special person. You never reflected, why is it so? Why are fragrances so important to us?


Scientific reasoning how perfumes can affect the mood.

Perfumes and scents really have a powerful impact on mood states and energy levels. The recent studies have shown that fragrance not only can affect your mood, but also can change it. The right fragrance can actually revitalize work performance and enhance behavior in different ways. Moreover, the smell can influence 75% of your decisions without you being aware of it. Of course, it seems totally magical, but according to the scent research, fragrances have the power to transform our emotions as they`re stimulated by our memories. Certain fragrances can remind you of certain people, places, food and so on.

For example, we all love the smell of the sea. Do you ever wonder why that is? Of course, it’s quite simply because most of us associate the smell of the sea with our childhood. Thus, when we smell this scent we feel revived, full of energy and happy as we felt in the childhood.

Realizing that nothing but fragrances have the ability and flexibility to alter and affect people’s mood, perfume companies work actively in creating various, absolutely new fragrances that can influence mood changes positively depending on the client’s order or need.


There are some effective ways to change your mood using a perfume with aromatherapy qualities. With the help of a certain scent you can:


  • Get more motivated;
  • Find a source of inspiration;
  • Enhance concentration;
  • Improve focus;
  • Lift the mood;
  • Be more relaxed.


How to choose the right fragrance to improve your mood?

Try these scents if you want to achieve some special mood state.

If you`re lacking energy or even depressed, you surely have to try citrus fragrances. Citrus perfume is a great healthy alternative to coffee that can cheer you up and make you feel refreshed.

Perfumes that have the hints of herbs tend to keep you in good spirits and put a smile on your face. They make you full of life and a super optimistic person.

When you’re looking for calming and relaxing scents, it would be better to draw your attention to the perfumes with the hints of lavender or chamomile. Lavender and chamomile scents are commonly used as essential oils to calm the body and mind. These soothing scents are associated with sleep and the treatment of insomnia symptoms. So they can rejuvenate your senses and help you relax more. By the way, one of the best Victoria Secret Perfume, Victoria`s Secret Endless Love Fragrance Mist, is infused with natural scents of conditioning aloe vera and calming chamomile to keep you calm all day long.

When it comes to the perfumes that promote happiness and joy, of course, we remember the fragrance of jasmine. This adorable scent can make you feel better and, without doubt, boost your mood.

Musk and vanilla are considered as the best seductive scents. These enticing fragrances are also known aphrodisiacs, which can pretty quickly increase the libido.

It happens, you should be reserved and concentrated on something. For this purpose, you need to choose minty fragrances. We all know that sharp and clear fragrance of peppermint is always associated with concentration, thus, you can undoubtedly decide to opt for mint perfumes to keep you awake and focused.  

There are so many stunning perfumes that can both inspire you and change your mood. Here, the most important thing is to choose the right fragrance to get the desired result.

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