How To Workout While Working Full-time

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OK, I’m going to get straight to the point. Trying to manage an effective weightlifting workout while working full time is hard because,

– Work isn’t just work, it puts stress on your brain, which effects how motivated you will be (we are not robots)

– It’s hard to find balance and find time for every one (girlfriend, family or whoever)

– It’s easier to be lazy and hit the night club or chill out with friends.

– It’s always easier said than done.

Whether you run a business or work full time, this will be a dilemma that you will face at some point and is probably a dilemma you are facing right now. To make it worse, we are in the cold winter months, which will make you want to just go straight home and snuggle up in bed rather then hit the gym.

One thing I can state is that this is something that I have struggled and battled with for the last 2 years or so, and starting has been my solution for getting me back into the groove and keeping me in the fitness loop, and if you have been following week by week, you get to benefit too from all of my previous lessons learned over time. Any how…

What is the solution? How do we balance both effectively?


For you muscle heads that happen to secretly live a geeks lifestyle behind closed doors, I would suggest following the article How to keep fit while making money online. But for the rest of you, get organized. I mean it… get organized!

  • Write down everything you do on a note pad.
  • Use post it notes.
  • Stick quotes of your personal goals on your wall, computer monitor, fridge, pin up board, car dash board or what ever you have in your daily surroundings.
  • Also write down the things that are getting in your way of achieving your goals. Fake friends, Nagging or annoying girl friend.

In terms of your job, don’t let a stressful job get in the way of achieving results in your weightlifting routine.

Manual labour?

Any job type that requires manual labour is going to be physically demanding. No escaping that. So what you do is get creative. Make your work a part of your weightlifting workout.

Again you will need to get organized. If your goal is weight loss then write down how many calories you`ve burnt throughout the day working and replenish your glycogen stores during and after work.

If your goal is weight gain, then analyze the type of work you do and look at the specifics.

How much…

  • Lifting
  • Pulling
  • Pushing

Do you do? That can be a part of your functional strength training. If so then structure your weightlifting workout around those specifics and be sure to hit those muscle groups that you don’t exercise in your gym workouts.

As I mentioned earlier, you will get days where you will feel like sh*t and think that life has fed you dead lemons that can’t possibly be turned into lemonade. When this happens take a break (without the Kit-Kat). Treat yourself and give yourself the feel good factor. When you wake up the next day you will feel re-focused and be ready to rock.

You can achieve anything that you wish in your life… and I mean ANYTHING!! Just follow these basics stay focused and you will win.

What is your current day job?  Feel free to let me know in the comments and I will gladly brainstorm ideas of how you can structure your weightlifting routines around your work life for desired results… after all, I’ve had my fair share of various types of jobs.

See you in the comments.

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