How To Understand The Psychology Of Addiction

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Understanding the psychology of addiction is a little bit easier than you think if you want to put yourself in someone else’s shoes.  You have to determine why people do the things they do, how addiction can help them, and the memories that it might be tied to. You do not know all these things right away, but you can come to a conclusion that will be easy for you to understand if you have really thought about it without judging.  Each step below reveals the psychology of addiction wholly.

1. They Never Dealt With Their Emotions

Someone who is averse to rehab might find that they just do not want to deal with their emotions.  However, you can learn a lot about what therapy and rehab can do from you here at as you begin to unpack all the problems that people have.  The issue is that people have a very hard time letting go of their emotions, and they bottle them up for too long.  Anything could be under the surface, and it is wise to go to rehab or therapy to figure it out.


2. They Are Compensating

Some people are compensating for something in their life that they do not have.  The issue is that they think they can replace something fairly easily just by using drugs or alcohol.  They will keep using that substance trying to get the same high, and it will always fail them. They will try harder and harder substances until they can come away with something that they think actually works, but even that will not work because it is not strong enough to cover up emotions that they have.


3.They Want To Feel Nothing

Some people use drugs and alcohol so that they can feel as numb as possible.  This is a good tactic for someone who is avoiding their emotions, and they would rather feel dead inside after drinking or using drugs than facing people in their lives.  However, you have to engage people in conversation as much as you can because there is literally no other way for you to get them to open up to you if you have never talked to them before.  They might burst with emotion, and they can see there is a way to handle these problems.


4. They Hide

People get ashamed of being addicted, and they will hide it because they think that they should not be in this situation.  They will not tell anyone, and they will continue to hide it until it gets so bad that everyone noticed. They will withdraw even more, and that is why you have to talk to them as much as you can because that will cause them to see that you want to help no matter how bad it is.


Addiction will cause people to hide and isolate while they try to handle their problems on their own.  You need to recognize the signs and help people by at least talking to them and suggesting rehab.

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