How to Stay Fit at Your Desk Job

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The hard fact of life is that not everyone can get their dream job. Even if someone does, the chances that it involves exercise and moving about are about half-and-half. The world is developing in such a manner that more people are ending up working on desks. This has resulted in a sedentary lifestyle that is harming our bodies and minds. Sitting at a desk for hours on end hurts our body structure and leads to more aches and pains. Moreover, our metabolism suffers and so does the eyesight from staring at computer screens all day long.

Desk jobs don’t have to be stressful for the body. Recent years has seen a rise in new consumer products geared toward helping this inactive life choice. From the standing desk to ergonomic chairs, there is a constant attempt at maintaining good posture and keeping the blood flowing in the body. The results of all these external factors have been somewhat mixed. While they do help at some level, the overall success relies heavily on the state of mind and personal motivation. Small changes in our routines can make a big difference. Trying the suggestions below will certainly help towards a healthier you, especially if you have a desk job.  


Make the most of the Commute


Depending on the job and working hours, it is not always possible to stay away from the desk for too long. Try to squeeze in your daily exercise during the commute and make it as energetic as possible. From riding a bike to taking the stairs, every little step makes a difference in the end. Within the office, set yourself some goals. Make sure you get up and stretch after finishing a particular task. If nothing else, while sitting, keep moving and rotating your feet to avoid getting clots and cramps.  



Use Technology


Technology is changing how we live. For some people, it is a way to show off their wealth. For others, it is essential in bringing the world closer digitally. The health industry has been at the front end of the newest technological advancements. The latest smartwatches tell us more than just the date and time. We can monitor our heartbeat, keep track of our sleeping patterns, and count the number of calories that we burn every hour. Use a smartwatch to set tasks as the sense of achievement on completing them will keep you motivated to continue staying fit.  


Walk for Food


An easy way to get exercise at your office desk job is to walk for food. Think of it as an excuse, but every time you feel peckish or want to have water, simply get up and get going. Many desk workers have snacks in their drawers or water bottles handy, but to get some exercise in, it is a better idea not to do that. These are quick and small breaks that don’t take away from your work but add a lot to your health.      


Corporate Gym Membership


Among the perks that come from working for corporate houses, the gym memberships they offer to their employees is one of the best. Besides saving money, a gym is an ideal place to let go of that stress, work that body, and also get social at the same time.

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