How to start fixing your broken mental game

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Buzzers… Monday… How to start fixing your broken mental game. We tend to live the weekends ‘together’ (Digitally) and in the moment these days. It’s over for next 5 days though. So let’s get into the week…

Weak AF…?

The no.1 thing that I’ve seen this year. Is that more than ever before… It’s your ‘mental game’ that needs fixing.

Seriously… Even with some members who have been successful in the past.

The current day climate of the world, might have something to do with it.

But if that is the case. Then you’ll have to learn to focus ONLY… On the important things in your life.

It’s a strategy that’s been used, every single day behind the scenes. Just like how we only create things on here, based on the conversations that I have, with all of you.

And not with random people, who don’t matter that much at all.

We have fun in the FB stories at times. Especially when talking on S-curve experience stuff. Like > TC2.0 trips.

But when it comes to motivation, body, mind and lifestyle fixing. We get dead serious. And get to the root of what’s bothering you.

And I know for a fact… That something bothers you, every single day. Even if momentarily.

I have things that bother ME too (Pun not intended). But I have solutions in place for whatever that is. Which in turn. Helps me… Help you. Which is why I’m involved in 121 coaching still.

And after dealing with so many members. We tend to see the same issues come up. So the fix has likely been done before.

I recently stated that everyone is at different stages on here…

And it’s true. Which is why you’re seeing new/different types of program’s like these…

– > Hallow-curvish
– > Premium + Digestible newsletter (Beta)
– S-curve member partner program (Details given… Only via DM’s)

…Being created and offered to you.

One thing that is taught. Is to create a winners mindset. A losers mindset. Is when one quits, at the first sign of failure.

This is often a habit that is picked up, during your ‘school education’ years.

A winners mindset… Keeps you winning over time. Because you are taught. To live certain things in your life, as a series of tests.

It’s how the greatest things are achieved.

And how we’ve achieved long term results, with all those who went long term on Stage 3. It’s how we’ve evolved into an ‘experience’.

And because of that… Our long term approach has become more ‘perfected’ for you.

Like right now. Going long term, is more about finding a long term process that works for you. Which is what we find out, whilst working together @ 121 coaching chats.

Which is why you’re encouraged to just start.

At present and for this season. It’s via Hallow-curvish.

To conclude

Having a weak mental game, could mean many different things.

If you’re reading this newsletter. Wanting a fix. Then go after it. There’s no reason to hide behind the scenes.

Take a page out of my own book. At let > your story be known.

Note: One area that guarantees a ‘feel good’ and confidence boost. Is when trading or investing on platforms like > Buzz coin. Which I’ve been talking more about recently. And how it ties In with the S-curve experience as a whole.

Trading and investing has existed for years. The reason why this particular platform is being presented to you. Is because of the growth potential, for those who get and stay involved. And because it’ll help connect on a deeper lever.

Note #2: S-curve member partner program > motivation

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– As always… Start the week > epic

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