How to Sleep Your Way To Fitness

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Staying fit requires much more than exercise and diet. Our bodies work as a whole unit while we are blissfully unaware. We breathe in oxygen that is brought to our lungs. Our pulmonary arteries bring deoxygenated blood to our lungs to pick it up and our pulmonary veins bring that oxygenated blood to every area of our body. The cells in our body use that oxygen to complete a wide array of functions that keep us alive.

It’s amazing what a fine tuned machine we are when you come to think about it, and an important part of keeping our body functioning well is getting the rest it needs. Sleeping isn’t going to have the same effect on your fitness as running a mile, but your body needs you to rest well for that work to be worth your while.



How do you feel when you get up in the morning? Are you hips or shoulders stiff? How about your back and your neck? Pain in these areas are common for some people for a multitude of reasons, which can greatly affect the level of your fitness.

Picture this, you have back pain from sleeping on an old mattress. So one day you skip your workout because you are tired from a lack of sleep on top of the pain. Before you know it you’ve skipped a week and then a month. When you are too tired or in too much pain to get the exercise you need you run the risk of gaining weight.

Waking up with pain is just as detrimental as not getting the full amount you need. So if you are finding you are waking up with pain continuously then maybe it’s time to consider some fixes for that. Getting a new mattress is an option.

If your mattress is old consider getting a new one. If you like a soft and comfortable sleep consider getting a memory foam mattress. The material forms around your body giving you the support your joints need. The Sleep Judge has reviewed a the best memory foam mattresses available on the market.


Get on a schedule

Human beings like schedules because our internal clocks work well with them. Once we get into a rhythm our bodies will know when it’s time to slow down and work on repairing any damage from the previous day. When we don’t get the sleep we need our bodies don’t complete the needed repairs and, in the end, we don’t function well. Of course, this doesn’t help when we are training to run a half marathon.


Be Realistic

If you are just starting out with your fitness routine, then start out slow and move your way to a more difficult routine over time. Be sure to get the rest you need so that your muscles will function well during your work out the next day.

A good place to start, if you aren’t in great shape, is walking on a treadmill. Once you feel up to it run for thirty seconds at a time and rest for a minute. Then increase your running time while maintaining the minute rest in between. Before you know it you’ll be running like a pro and getting a great night’s sleep due to your strenuous workouts. Isn’t it amazing how all the things we do tie together?


Keep Track

If you have a smartphone then odds are it has an application already installed that can track how many steps you take a day. If not, get one or invest in a wristband tracker. The bottom line is to keep track of the steps your taking each day.

Another way to keep track of your fitness is to keep a sleep journal. Write down what time you go to bed and wake up each day. If you have restless nights make a note of that too. Notice the differences in patterns in comparison with what you’ve eaten or drank the night before.

If you are working on being fit you can’t forget your diet. Keep track of what you are eating as well. You will find that a diet of mostly vegetables and fruits with beans and legumes not only will help you get fit, it will help you sleep better. Diets heavy in animal or highly saturated fats will slow you down and make it more difficult to sleep since they are the cause of some digestive issues.


Go Natural

When we are having a hard time sleeping it’s natural to want to take a sleep aid but if you can obtain the sleep you need naturally your body will be all the better for it. Sleep aids can leave us feeling groggy but sleeping after a great workout feels more physically satisfying.

Try meditation or a nice mug of chamomile tea. These sleep aids will help you relax while offering an organic attempt to aid your sleep attempts.



Our bodies work as a unit with many systems aiding one another. This is no different in the way our sleep habits having an affect on the results of our workouts and attempts to be fit. When we sleep our body repairs damages. The next day our muscles work better and we get a better return on the time we put in working out. Start that system working well with getting a great night’s sleep.

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