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S-curve world has changed over time. And ‘change’ has been the backbone of our continued existence.

Like… We have long term S-curve members that have lived here for 2-7 years.
That’s a long time. And as a person, you will change over time too.
And this is a reason why S-curve world changes.
– We started off helping men (2009).
– We created the concept that is the S-curve (2011-ish).
– We created dozens of programs related to that concept. And t of course, helped achieve that result.
Fast forward to today. And we have become a platform to help you live a desired lifestyle. That is, the S-curve Xperience.
Men have returned. Women are still here. And the audience is a lot more global now.
Because we are a platform. More brands, businesses and individuals open themselves up to get in front of you. Which is OK. As long as their presence improves your Xperience.
This can be seen via… 
– Our items list page
– Our protocol food and supplements page
– And even through some newsletters. Like > this one.
So we will always throw things at you, that will help improve your Xperience. Thats our job. It’s why you’re here. To see what’s new and how we can help with what you desire.
However… > ‘Chat’ is also the backbone of our existence here too. It’s all about a two way conversation. Conversations that become the content of these newsletters.

A deeper conversation

A lot of the topics that are raised, contain some truly heart felt issues. You are really reaching out to us.
– Relationship help (More like help improving confidence levels)
– How to use food and supplements
– Still help with Becoming S-curvish
'Coming up for air' for a 'soft lean' #bikini-curvish hike @carinnhawhite
‘Coming up for air’ for a ‘soft lean’ #bikini-curvish hike @carinnhawhite
Whatever the issue is… We’re going to go deeper with it… Officially.
Which is why we introduced the > deeper convos program on Tuesday.
It’s where we both become accountable to helping you achieve certain goals.

How it works

It’s a sandbox program.
Meaning… That we’re open to creating any kind of program, that needs to be created for YOU.
No one program/chat session schedule will look the same. What you’re paying for is…
– Coaching time
– For you to be accountable @ skin in the game
– To solve whatever issue you have
It’s been 10 years of doing this. So we’ve seen a lot of sh*t. Which means that most problems we encounter. Are variations of problems we’ve solved before.
So do us a favor and strike up a chat with us. Get your issues off your chest.
And if it’s something that truly needs to be solved. Let’s go official, to start help solving that, by starting a > $10 121 coaching chat.
This is the S-curve Xperience. Which means we focus on lifestyle over everything.
So unlike how things were, when we ran our S-curve (Body focused only) programs. Where everything was time limit focused.
These chat sessions are not. There is no pressure. The focus is on you, and us, showing up.
It’s all about receiving comments like this… Along the way…
As long as that keeps happening, we are ALL winning. And will only add value to the Xperience as a whole.
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