How to Organize Your Kitchen to Inspire Healthier Eating

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We all agree; eating healthy is better for us, but how many of us actually do what it takes to enact those words?  The kitchen is where the friends of extra pounds, sweets and junk food, reside.  What’s worse is we can take control of our kitchens, but we don’t always take the time to formulate a recipe for better health.

Take back control of your kitchen, inspiring healthier habits.  The next time you walk in your kitchen, consider the following:

Do an Audit

It’s about time to look on the inside…of your cabinets.  Don’t take notice of the colorful packaging on the front, but the nutritional information on the back of the package, containing calories, especially those aligned with fat.  Did you know a handful of chips carried so many calories along with them!  You don’t have to eliminate, only limit the number of ‘junk food’ items in your pantry.

Un-stock the Fridge

Moments of weakness are sometimes aligned with our tendency to be lazy; it’s easier to order a pizza than prepare a healthy meal.  It’s easier to dive into a bag of chips than devote the time toward making something better for you.  However, if you have limited items in your fridge, it may compel you to go to the store on a regular basis, where you may purchase fresh and wholesome foods.  These days, a number of grocers offer hot and cold to-go items, prepared foods that are better for you.

Cook in Bulk

As mentioned, eating poorly is sometimes related to food that’s readily available.  If cooking five or more meals per week seems impractical for you, consider cooking in bulk once or twice a week, and then save your food, allotting it for the week to come.  Envision the deli cases at the grocery store; in-store chefs prepare large portions that last for days; you can do the same in your own kitchen.

Make a Calendar

Journalists and editors comprise an editorial calendar, maintaining order regarding upcoming and featured stories.  Don’t wait to eat on a whim; it may inspire you to eat poorly.  Rather, sit down once per week and plan your meals.  To add another wrinkle of health, research the associated calories of each meal.  Then, you’ll know exactly how many calories you’re preparing to consume each week.  Additionally, it becomes easier to incorporate pleasure or ‘guilt’ foods, which are not so bad when consumed in moderation.  Even if you’re making something that takes less time, such as a diet aligned with a 5-day juice fast, it relieves anxiety knowing you’re prepared.

Fill a Bowl

Fast food is so popular because it’s easy to grab on the go.  Replicate the same convenience in your own kitchen.  Fill a fruit bowl with healthy items or keep a dish of fresh vegetables in our fridge, making it easy to grab something healthy rather than salty or sugary.  We often grab snacks throughout the day, so make it easier to select something better for you to ingest.

Lena Lewis is an interior designer with a passion for healthy living. She loves to help people live better by writing for family and homeowner blogs.

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