How to make babies without getting pregnant

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Buzzers… #TBT… How to make babies…. It’s been a busy week @ all departments within the S-curve experience.

It is indeed a ‘focused’ time of year. Which is why > Stage 3 and > prepaid get talked about, nearly every single day… At present.

Doing that… Has been the best way to get you involved and fixed. Which is something that rarely happens, when left to your own devices.

You all know 121 coaching is the magic source. And doing the above… Is where it all starts. Which is why you must continue reading the daily newsletter. Long after you become an official S-curve member.

Now… Let me explain @…

Making A LOT of babies 

And it’s not the kinda video I know you thought it might have been. Hehe.

The S-curve formula… 

It started, by fixing solutions to my own problems. And using those solutions on myself, before using them on you. And repeating that process over time.

Let’s look at a few examples of how that has played out over the years.

#1 The @fitbuzz pull ups program (circa 2010)

If you’ve read the back story on More buzz. You’ll see that @fitbuzz started, because I was ‘broken’. From a hectic life in the Silicon Valley start up world.

That meant zero fitness activity for 2 years.

I’d been physically fit my entire life up until that point. So I knew how to get back on the wagon.

Not easy. But do-able. And I did it, by using a pull up bar in a door way, in > this room (Cringe moment @ me watching myself old… Hehe).

My numbers went up, from September 2010 to January 2011 (I went back to the gym at that point).

And so… A program was created out of it. And I was back to my pre-2007 self, > not too long after that.

Today… We use elements of that. In the Strength and exercise progression module on Stage 3. Which we’ll usually start, around month #2 on your plan.That’s what was done with > this lady, LIVE… In 2016 (Which a lot of you watched).

So we all know that worked. Which is an important ‘success’. Since 90% of women lack in upper body strength.

#2 Fixing your #daily #boutine (Circa 2016)

I moved to a new country and city, not too long before that.

And although a few things got fixed because of it. My daily #boutine was broken. You can even see my body transformation. By eyeing up my FB albums and the S-curve formula official workout videos (As a member).

This is where…

– ‘Coming up for air’
– Daily meal reporting
– Cheat snacking
– Tailored daily exercise videos
– Short splits routine
– Just eat ‘something’ at meal time

Came from.

It helped fixed me (Continues to do so). And has definitely fixed many of you.

#3 S-curve member partnership program (Circa 2016)

Yesterday’s newsletter is an example of this. That… Was a simple explanation of how to be an effective partner.

And it’s easy for me to explain it. Because I’ve lived out exactly how it happens. It was all an organic experience.

You’ll continue to see examples of this on the stage 3 page, which is where the S-curve member stories are located.

There’s more examples. But I’ll save hem for another day.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– This year, I’ve seen a record amount of long time/past S-curve members, start their own businesses. Or join small start ups. Maybe I’ve inspired them. Maybe the new entrepreneurial 16-18 year olds of the world have.

If that’s you.. Then. > this page is worth bookmarking.

– ‘Coming up for air’ in > Bali

– S-curve bodyweight circuit motivation (Your actual workouts are 100% targeted and tailored, based on your on going results… Over time).


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#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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