How to increase your pull up numbers

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How to increase your pull up numbers

The fall season is a weird one. And the vibe definitely changes when it comes around. That’s why everything became LIVE on here @ reporting what went on, the day before.

Everything is dynamic. It’s the only way to serve you, in a way that benefits you.


We all know, that Messenger app services have taken over, in regards to where 121 chats occur.

We’ve also had more men come through. Since becoming an S-curve experience.

It always starts at ‘Becoming S-curvish’. And today… I’m going to highlight an initial answer, to an initial question that came through via our Messenger apps.

Lets get into it

How do I increase my pull up numbers? (A guy asked)

The quick answer, is to just keep on doing more pull ups. Your numbers will go up gradually within 3 months.

The real answer. Is strength and exercise progression (Which we have an entire module for).


> Push ups on knees

> Push ups with feet on the ground (Hands up on a bench)

> Push ups with feet on the ground (Hands on the floor)


> Then with feet up on the bench and hands on the floor

> Assisted pull ups

> Full range of motion pull ups

We do that with any goal that you have, for any body part.

That’s a stage 3 shenanigan. Which is something that the large majority of people do not do (Especially on their own).

That’s why you go long term. Because it’s specific/proven processes like that… Which takes you over the edge.


To conclude

It doesn’t matter where you want results to happen @ All ‘life’ situations… There’s usually always a formula to make it happen. That’s why a long term solution exists on here.



There is ONE S-curve formula. But the way that we approach it. Varies… Depending on the individual.

And of course. Those variations will be exposed to you, via this newsletter.

Like right now. We have > Hallow-curvish/Black Friday. Which has a bonus… ‘now’ extra 3 weeks, if you get in early.

The seasonal stuff may not even apply to you. But… The stuff that you learn about the seasonal changes. Will help you, throughout different situations in your own life.

One reason why Hallow-curvish is nutrition focused. And is being launched early. Is because you will benefit from all the extra eating that will occur, from Halloween up until the 2nd week of January.

So it’s to get you in the mood for food.

Under eating is one reason for a lack of results. Followed by eating incorrectly. So getting you started early. Before the fall season fun truly kicks in. Is in your favor.

I’m personally always thinking ahead… For YOU.

And it’s set at 4-7 weeks… Just so that you can ‘get started’.

And remember… These 121 coaching chats aren’t intense. They’re more fun focused. So you can start… And relax. Because no one will be breathing ‘heavily’ down your neck through your Messenger.


What’s trending?

– Weekly > S-curve meal ideas @ premium newsletter shenanigans.

> Humpday vs workout

> Lean bean – Since some folks in the Q & A have been asking about all the options that are open to them @ what they can use from day one (Serious members these are).

> S-curve gym workout moments – Remember… Your workouts can be done ‘anywhere’. Even when gym workouts are what’s needed.



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#2 > More buzz is where everything exists. FB messenger app: Instagram DM’s: @fitbuzz @shauntls

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