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Increasing muscle growth is one of the highly ranked goals that most people have been striving to achieve in 2017 and which most will also be adding to their 2018 New Year resolution list. Muscle growth advantages range from the improved physic look, strength, healthy lifestyle among others. If you fall among any of the two categories mentioned above, there are effective methods that you should consider in order to achieve an effective increase in muscle growth. Listed below are 7 productive tips to boost your muscle growth rate.

1 Strength over Pounds


Most individuals get disappointed when they hit the gym for about a week and directly go to the weighing machine to see if they have added an extra pound. Instead of focusing on pounds, your workouts should be directed to achieving strength goals. A good example is aiming to increase your weight lifts by a certain range of grams in one month. An increase in body strength directly leads to the development of specific muscle fibers that generally lead to the development of the right muscle. A focus on increasing strength in upper and lower body pushes and pulls equals an increase in muscle growth.


2 Interpret your Food Journal


Muscle gaining is directly depended on what type of food you consume on a daily basis. A daily update of your food journals greatly helps keep track of your daily food consumption. Muscle growth is dependent on adequate calories and vitamins. A food journal will help you identify diet areas that require effective adjustment for a muscle oriented balanced diet.

3 Pre-post Workout Nutrition


Investing in the right type and amount of supplements enable the body gain adequate proteins and carbohydrates boosting your strength hence achieving safe muscle gains and growth without necessarily having to hustle the process of cooking or buying food. You should get medical and professional advice to prevent incidences of overdose and addictions.

4 Compound Exercises before Isolation Exercises


Talk about killing two birds with one stone, compound exercises involve more than one joint (more muscles) while isolation exercises involve one joint (one muscle).Through this, effective time is spent at the gym with a general muscle development in both lower and upper muscles example through squats, pull-ups, leg press, dips, bench press, among others.

5 Sleep and Reap


All the day’s work out is converted to muscle growth when the body rests. Sleep is effective in enabling the specific muscles recover and enhance hormonal production for an active body the next day. Physicians advocate for about 8 hours of sleep which is not practical for most individuals. Despite this, you can plan your activities properly to allow for more bedtime in order to boost your muscle growth. This might require a little sacrifice that will result in effective muscle reap in the end.


6 Balance the Exercise


A common mistake is most people focusing on specific arm, chest and stomach muscles while neglecting the lower leg muscles. The end result is a weird Johnny Bravo look. You can avoid this by strictly following your gym timetable and not skipping leg days for a uniform balanced muscle growth.

To sum it up, muscle growth is an achievable goal that anyone can achieve as the new year starts. Some of the effective muscle gaining tips include focusing on strength goals rather than added pounds, keeping and interpreting ones food journal for effective adjustments, investing in pre and post workout nutrition, starting with compound exercises before isolation, getting adequate sleep and last but not least ensuring a balanced muscle growth of both lower and upper body.

Exercise balance also benefits from challenging your muscles with new exercises and improving the neuromuscular connection. As Dave Henly knows, the gains in the gym didn’t always translate to his bicycle. If you ensure your exercise plan includes one, exhausting workout each week in new discipline, it can combat these imbalances. Yoga, Pilates and Plyometrics are all classic areas we muscle-gainers tend to overlook and can lead to imbalances (and injury!) if not corrected.

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